5 Cool Cartilage Earrings Trends to Look Out in 2021

5 Cool Cartilage Earrings Trends to Look Out in 2021

Inspired by pop culture and the die-hard fans of rock, cartilage earrings have successfully found their way into the culture of the present times. There are different options available in this category. 

These earrings have topped the body piercing trends consistently, with bespoke jewelers and brands experimenting with an assortment of varied styles. Nevertheless, the ones trying to put on these earrings for a good time should have some precautions in mind to avoid infections.

In the first place, getting a cartilage piercing is daunting, and when you put on the earrings and keep switching them, they can be a cause of irritation if not done properly.

For the hardcore and the novice fans of different piercing trends, here are 5 cool cartilage earrings trends that will work fine for all occasions.

Cartilage Hoops

Cartilage hoops are earrings made specifically to fit right on the top part of the ear. They go well with helix piercings, though you can even have them above the earlobes. They are light in weight and are liked by the ones who do not want to go for those heavy dangles on their lobes.

Also, nose hoops are quite small, and thus they can be mixed and matched during occasions such as family get-togethers, parties, and weddings. There are huge varieties and designs available in this category. Nevertheless, it is good to go with the lighter varieties.

Zodiac Studs and Hoops in Gold

Subtle studs are one of the best ways of showcasing one’s star sign. And yes, they also make the best birthday gifts. Speaking of style, there can be nothing better than classic cartilage hoops made of gold.

Hoops in gold are a classic but understated style and one of the best options for beginners looking to experiment with their cartilage earrings.

Line Cartilage Earrings

These earrings are also made of gold and can easily be worn in pairs or as single pieces. For those on the lookout for making a statement with their cartilage earrings, the line cartilage varieties in crystal-embellished style will be the best bet.

Raw Stone Earring Set

Made using raw stones, colorful sets of studs and hoops can serve as fun updates to almost any outfit. There can be no better choice for the ones on the lookout for something cute and minimalist than going for raw stone bee cartilage hoops. They have caught up in the market this season and are being worn as a major trend across the world.

Constellation Studs and Classic Ball Earrings

There can be nothing more adorable than astrology-inspired constellation studs. If pearls and diamonds do not work for you, you always choose to go for the classic and beautiful gold-colored ball earrings. They do an amazing trick when paired with any outfit for any occasion.

Summing Up

No matter what style you are going for, cartilage earrings can help you make a good style statement. The earrings do not just look amazing, but they even can take the fashion game of every individual up a bit.

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