Opening Your Own Welding Business? 8 Types of Tools and Equipment You Need To Get First

Opening Your Own Welding Business

If you’re thinking about opening a welding business, then here are eight vital types of tools and equipment that you must get first. However, welding equipment can be expensive. This is a guide designed so that anyone can get their welding business started without much capital.

Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

The auto-darkening welding helmet is an essential piece of equipment for any welder. It is a vital piece of safety equipment that protects your face from sparks and flames. It is incredibly unsafe to weld without a helmet. In fact, it can result in long-term skin damage. An auto-darkening helmet has shaded glass to protect your eyes from the blinding light. These kinds of helmets can help make a big difference when it comes to safety. They protect your eyes from the harsh, blinding light that is created when welding. When you have a helmet that darkens automatically, you do not have to worry about fiddling with anything to get the job done.

Welding Gloves

Welding gloves are another staple of the job. These gloves are multi-layered with thick fabric and insulation to protect your hands from the intense heat. You should probably have two types of welding gloves on hand for your different types of work. MIG welding gloves have tougher padding and aren’t too tight on the hand so that you can take them off if the gloves overheat. Meanwhile, TIG welding gloves are thinner and good for precision work with the rod and the torch.

Welding Pliers

Luckily, welding pliers are common and can be found in most hardware stores. That doesn’t make them any less essential to a welding business, though. These pliers have many uses, like loosening and tightening the contact tip and removing weld splatter. Using a reliable pair of welding pliers when welding projects together will come in very handy. You should be sure that your pliers are in good working condition and operate smoothly. These sorts of tools are very useful around the welding shop.

Angle Grinder

In terms of welding machines, the angle grinder is vital. It cuts various types of metal easily, but it can also help you prepare the metal before you weld. The base metal must be cleaned before you weld with it, and the angle grinder can help you prevent porosity and cracking. It also polishes your final metal project and can get rid of excess bits of slag. Before opening your welding business, welding machines such as this are crucial.

Welding Magnets

Surprisingly, welding magnets have a diverse amount of uses in the welding business. They are typically used to hold different pieces of metal in place. It’s a more elegant solution than using clamps and helps the welder mount pieces of metal to be welded at an angle. Welding magnets help keep your pieces of metal in place while you weld them together. They are a great tool to have on hand for any welder.

Welding Boots, Sleeves, and Safety Glasses

Of course, safety comes first. You must not neglect to get yourself welding boots, welding sleeves, and safety glasses for your business. If you have employees, then this is even more paramount. Welding boots protect people’s feet from falling heavy equipment and hot metal. These should be sturdy and tough. Welding sleeves protect the clothes and skin from damage and should always be worn while welding. Lastly, safety glasses should be made of reliable plastic and protect the eyes from sparks and other debris.

Welding Nozzle Gel

Above all, do not forget nozzle gel. Nozzle gel will stop the torch’s metal nozzle from sticking to your welding project. If this happens, it can be a disaster and even ruin your torch. Nozzle gel is applied to the torch’s nozzle or the tip of your welding gun. It will heat up when you use these machines and dissolve as you work. This creates a thin liquid barrier between the two metal surfaces and stops them from sticking together.

Welding Location

Last but not least, make sure you have a safe place to start your welding business. Not all locations are conducive to welding. It’s important to have it cleared for safety purposes, as well as make sure that there will be a market for it in the area.

Opening a business can be scary and challenging but also incredibly rewarding. Hopefully, you feel more confident now that you know the eight welding machines, essential tools, and equipment required.

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