How To Eat Healthy and Save Time on Dinner

How To Eat Healthy and Save Time on Dinner

Let's face it. Time is precious, and most of us are leading very busy lives, so when it comes to mealtime and meal planning, it can be challenging. Eating a bag of chips isn't a healthy dinner nor is heading up to the fast-food drive-thru a good habit to include. If you're looking to eat healthily and save time on dinner, our team of nutritionists has some delicious solutions.

Prepping Those Ingredients

Get ready to chop your fresh veggies and other healthy recipe must-haves in advance. When you prep your ingredients a couple of times a week, you will have them ready to toss into your homemade soups, stir-fry, and any other cooked meals.

Washing, chopping, and storing your vegetables saves time when you need them during the week. If you have sliced too many onions or carrots, for example, you can freeze the remainder for use at another time.

Stocking Up On Staples

No one has time to run out to the grocery store right before dinner because they're missing key ingredients. Be ahead of the game, and always have staples at the ready that can enhance your food and add options to your meal plans.

For example, canned goods and spices are essentials along with bags of lentils or beans. Vegetable broth and canned tomatoes can transform a lot of entrees.

Also, don't underestimate the value of having pantry basics such as Kosher salt, red wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, and others, according to food experts.

Trying Doorstep Delivery

Another way to bring nutritious meals into your lifestyle and to save yourself the hassle of cooking and clean-up is to let the chefs make it for you.

Delicious entrees made with fresh and raw ingredients that are affordable and convenient are a wonderful option. Think about it. Yummy premade meals delivered right to your doorstep sound amazing, especially when these meals are ready to eat in two minutes.

Best of all, there's no contract or subscription.

Choosing Healthy Packaged Foods

Our team of nutritionists is the first to recommend eating "as close to nature as possible." However, many of us enjoy at least some processed foods, so the key is in identifying packaged foods that have value and "clean" ingredients.

For instance, you can buy organic foods, which will not include bad stuff such as artificial additives and antibiotics.

You could also choose packaged foods that have only the basics. One example would be unflavored oatmeal that consists of just one ingredient, rolled oats.

If you're headed to your grocery store's freezer aisle, you can find healthy packaged foods, but again, check out the ingredients. Avoid those with an excess amount of sodium, saturated fat, and/or sugars.

Substituting A Snackable Meal

There are instances, and usually around lunchtime, that you may be pressed for time and want to eat nutritious foods that are quick and convenient.

Some dieticians recommend having snackable meals around that you can create healthy options with. You don't have to cook these meals, and they can offer great texture, nutrition, and something new.

You could make a snackable meal from raw veggies and a healthy dip along with nuts, some dried fruit, and string cheese. There are tons of possibilities when you need a fast meal on the go.

Buying Store-Bought Sauces/Dressings

That's right. Condiments such as sauces and dressings can transform a meal into a tasty entree and can still be a healthy choice if you select the proper ingredients.

Switch up your sauces with store-bought bottles of pesto, lemongrass basil, avocado jalapeno, or jerk marinade, for instance. Your poultry, lean beef, fish, or vegetarian entrees will be brimming with exotic flavors. You don't have to make these sauces or dressings by hand, and you can cut down on your meal preparation.

Look for sauces with clean, real ingredients and those that contain lower amounts of added sugar and sodium than their competitors.

We can all make better decisions when it comes to eating healthy and saving time on dinner. You can think and shop like a nutritionist or even order meals from expert chefs. Use our excellent tips outlined above, and Bon Appetit!

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