Why You Need To Maintain Your AC Even In The Winter

Why You Need To Maintain Your AC Even In The Winter

Many people have started using their AC in areas where winter has been unexpectedly warmer than planned to stay cool. This is a smart decision to avoid overheating, but you need to ensure your system can stay on top of things both while it’s running and when you think it shouldn’t be. It can be tempting to turn off your AC because you don't need it anymore, but too much of that will cause detrimental wear and tear on your entire HVAC system, which may lead to expensive repairs or replacement come springtime. Here are six reasons you need to maintain your AC even in the winter.

Prevent The System From Breaking Down

If you don't maintain your AC in the winter, it will eventually break down. This means you'll have to spend money on repairs or a replacement, which can be costly. Performing maintenance includes doing tasks such as changing the air filter, or filters depending on the model, once a month to ensure proper airflow, and adding extra insulation to the pipes outside to protect them from the cold. By properly maintaining your AC, you can prevent it from breaking down and save money in the long run.

Keep Your Home Comfortable

If you are using your AC in the winter, it will need to work harder because of colder temperatures which can put a strain on the compressor. If you don't maintain your system, the compressor may break down sooner than expected or guaranteed, which can leave you without cooling for a while. To keep your home comfortable regardless of the weather outside, make sure you have regular air conditioning services performed by a professional and you keep an eye on the state of your unit for signs of trouble.

Reduce Energy Bills

One of the main benefits of properly maintaining your AC is that it can help reduce your energy bills overall, which can save you a lot of money throughout the year. When your system is running efficiently, it doesn't have to work as long or as hard to constantly cool or heat your home, saving you money on your monthly energy bill.

Keep The Air Clean

Another benefit of maintaining your AC is that it can help keep the air clean thanks to the air filters in your unit. If you fail to properly maintain your filters, your unit has to work extra hard to pull air into use. The air filters are responsible for cleaning the air used to heat or cool the house. It does this by catching and trapping the various dust and dirt particles in the air, along with any pet dander or fungal spores that might be in the air. Over time, this accumulates in the filters which is why they need to be switched for fresh ones at least once a month, perhaps more depending on the air quality of the area you live in.

If you don't maintain your air filter system, it can start to spit out the dust and other allergens it can’t collect since the filter is full. This can go on to aggravate any allergies or asthma you or anyone else living in your house might have. By staying on top of maintaining your AC filter, you can keep the air in your home clean and healthy.

Extend The Life of Your AC

If you maintain your AC, there’s a good chance that it will last longer. On the other hand, when you don't properly maintain your system, it can cause unnecessary wear and tear on the unit. This leads to a much shorter life span for your AC and the unintended consequence of less time to budget and save for eventually possibly having to replace the unit. By taking proper care of your system, you can ensure that it will work for many years to come, so you don't have to worry about a replacement any time soon. In fact, it’s possible you wouldn’t have to worry about replacing it at all if you manage to take care of it so well it’s still in great condition when you eventually decide to move.

There are many benefits to properly maintaining your AC, even in the winter. By keeping your system on top of things, you can prevent it from breaking down and save money. By keeping your AC maintained, you can also keep the air in your home clean and comfortable, benefiting everyone in your household. To find out how often you should be getting your AC maintained or if you need a tune-up, contact an HVAC professional.

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