Which Roofing Material Best Fits The Exterior Design Style of Your Home?

Which Roofing Material Best Fits The Exterior Design Style of Your Home

Is your home's exterior design traditional, modern, or somewhere between? The answer to this question will assist you in determining the best roofing material for your particular situation. Here's a quick rundown of some popular options.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are a low-cost option for your home's exterior, making them a popular option for those on a budget. These shingles are simple to install and are great for fast and easy roofing repairs. The asphalt material is also available in various colors that you can use to complement the color scheme of your home's exterior design. This style of roofing is simple and, depending on the color, can really go quite well with most styles. That said, you do sacrifice some longevity for the low price, as these roofs only tend to last about 20-30 years.


If you live in a mild climate and want something that will last longer than other materials, metal roofs are an excellent choice. They have warranties of up to 50 years and can even last up to 100 years. Another aspect of metal roofing’s appeal is that it is energy efficient. If you’re passionate about the environment or even just trying to make a few more eco-friendly choices, metal roofing can be a great choice. In hot climates, in particular, metal roofing is great at reflecting heat and light away from the home, preserving the energy it takes to keep your home cool. 

You may think that metal roofing makes houses look like industrial buildings, but it actually goes great with many styles. If you are going for a farmhouse design, metal roofing is the perfect touch. Its sleek texture also makes it the perfect match for modern and mid-century modern builds.


Slate roofing has been in use for hundreds of years. Slate roofing's durability makes it an exceptional choice for homeowners who want their homes to last a lifetime. There's no need to get concerned about leaks or other problems that can plague shingle roofs and asphalt tiles if they're installed correctly. Due to its durability and insulation qualities, it is an especially good match for homes in cold climates. If you experience harsh winters, it can really help to reduce your energy bills.

Slate roofing tends to have a classic look to it, making it great for older homes. It is typically found in natural shades of gray or beige that look great with traditional or minimalistic styles.


Concrete roofs are commonly used on commercial buildings to help reduce energy costs. They're also long-lasting and simple to maintain if properly installed. They are, however, extremely heavy and, when attached to a house, necessitate reinforced foundations. If not properly maintained, they are also prone to cracking. Thus, this style of roofing works best for commercial applications. However, if your house is sporting a modern industrial style, concrete roofing could be something to consider.

Wood Shingles

Wood shingles are comparable to asphalt shingles in price, but they do not come in nearly as many colors or styles. They also necessitate regular maintenance, which can be expensive if you have a large house with multiple wood roofs. Since wood is sensitive to moisture, this type of roofing is generally better suited for homes in dry climates. It can often yield a sort of vintage charm, so this may also be a good choice if you are renovating a historic home or working toward a cottage-like aesthetic.

Clay Tile Shingles

Tiles are an excellent choice because they are durable, fire-resistant, and come in various styles to complement any roofing design. And while they tend to range on the more expensive side of the spectrum, they can last at least 50 years or more.

Tile shingles are a fantastic option for Southwestern, Spanish, South American, or Mediterranean-style homes. Usually available in shades of brown or terracotta, they add just enough texture and charm to pull the entire exterior design together.

Bottom Line

The materials listed above are just a few examples of roofing materials that you can use to match your design style. Before deciding on a roofing material, consider the climate in your region, the material's durability, and its ability to resist fire in the event of a fire outbreak. Of course, budget and warranties are also important factors to consider. If you are trying to sell your home, you might want to go with a simple and affordable asphalt roof. However, if you are working on your forever home, other longer-lasting materials are definitely worth the investment.

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