Injured At Work? Here's Why You Need To Contact An Accident Attorney

Injured At Work

If you got injured at work or can’t work because of an injury, you may need to call an accident attorney in addition to your workers’ compensation claim. Workers’ comp benefits may only apply to a claim between you, the employee, and your direct employer.

You have a legal right to claim workers’ compensation benefits from your employer when you’re injured at work. However, these benefits may be inadequate to fully compensate you for lost income and wages, future earning capacity, medical and hospital bills, and reduced quality of life.

Construction Accidents and Compensation For Your Work Injuries

A worksite accident attorney can help if you or someone you care about was injured away from your direct employer’s workplace. As an injured victim, you have the option to file an injury claim to get just compensation for the injuries you sustained at work.

If you work in construction, or you perform other types of physical labor in your job, you may be involved in or work on a construction site project in a single location. The construction project you’re involved in may involve several or many companies other than your direct employer. A worksite accident attorney can be invaluable in identifying which companies, groups, or people don’t directly employ you, the injured worker. If these entities’ negligence caused your work injuries, you may file a personal injury lawsuit as well as your claim for workers’ compensation benefits.

Defective Safety Equipment and Materials

Defective safety equipment and/or materials may cause a construction site injury. In this scenario, the employee may be allowed to file a product liability lawsuit against a negligent manufacturer.

With many opportunities to recover compensation from potential parties in a worksite injury, workers and their loved ones should contact a qualified accident attorney immediately. Don’t delay. Under the statute of limitations, you have limited time to file a claim to recover compensation for your injuries.

How A Work Site Accident Attorney Can Help You

Construction work and physical labor jobs are potentially dangerous to workers. These jobs require the worker to use dangerous equipment and heavy machinery. The worker may be required to climb tall ladders or great heights in the performance of the job. The worksite environment is a dangerous one.

Even when the worker takes every precaution, they may suffer significant injuries on the job. Unsafe work circumstances that lead to injuries at the work site may entitle injured workers to demand compensation from their direct employer or potentially other parties. A worksite accident lawyer is an essential legal advocate who ensures that you and your loved ones are legally protected and financially compensated for workplace injuries.

Not all injuries seem or look serious immediately after they happen. What seems like a slight injury can have serious consequences for the injured worker’s health and livelihood. If a physical laborer is injured, they face stress brought on by lost income, wages, medical care, and hospital bills. In some instances, the worker’s injury is so severe they might not work again.

Call an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you fight for just compensation, such as:

•             Hospital bills, doctor bills, and rehab costs required for treatment of your work-related injuries

•             Lost wages and income that result from missed time on the job, including an extended lost earnings potential for the future

•             Emotional distress after a serious work injury

•             Pain and suffering, including your diminished enjoyments of life

In catastrophic accidents, the worker may have unending treatments, therapies, surgeries, and rehabilitation. When combined with the cost of medical treatment, lost earnings capacity can result in six-figure or seven-figure losses. A devastating personal injury can translate to significant financial hardship. The injured worker and their family shouldn’t suffer these agonies alone.

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