If THC Is Beneficial For Runners (Also To Include How Runners Can Use THC To Enhance Their Performance)

THC Is Beneficial For Runners

Ever since there have been discussions on recreational activities. THC has gained popularity since the time it became legal. In the present scenario, THC has gained legalization in almost 27 states worldwide.

But the cultures and stereotypes for THC use are emerging, and some studies change people's perspectives about using cannabis. But here, the question arises: does the use of THC enhance the performance of runners?

There is no surprise that researchers are making continuous studies on the athlete performance on the consumption of THC. A survey conducted in 1850 about the use of THC showed that people who smoked THC before work could not keep it longer compared to people who were not stoned. This is why many athletes are turning towards THC, but it is still controversial as it is addictive in nature.

The researchers suggest that THC is ergolytic; this means it impairs the performance of the athlete. It reduces the work as well as athletic capacity. This means your heart and muscles won't work with 100% capacity at times when you are high.

We can't say that THC has the same effect on every person, as there are many chemicals and strands. Hence it is vital to talk to your doctor before looking for the consuming option.

THC and CBD are both natural elements found in cannabis plants. The difference between them is, THC is psychoactive, and CBD is not. This is why THC has more effect as compared to CBD.

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Athletes are getting more challenges with THC. We have both positive and negative impacts of THC on athletes.

       Affects inflammation: consumption of THC reduces inflammation on muscles and joints. Several studies have proved that non-psychoactive cannabis in THC is efficient in easing inflammation. Now researchers are looking forward to seeing the effects on other diseases such as lupus, chronic illness, etc. For runners who want to get the benefits of THC without getting high or without smoking can use tropical and tincture products that have locally targeted recovery in highly concentrated areas. These lotions are highly efficient in healing and deliver anti-inflammatory results. These are also efficient in healing injuries.

       Eases soreness: THC is highly efficient in alleviating pain. This area of research in THC has shown several positive results. THC can relieve you from pain caused by chronic issues to acute pain, muscle spasms. These are good options for people who are looking forward to making a shift from opiates. The THC, apart from being anti-inflammatory, are stress-reducing anti-oxidants. Switching to high-grade THC helps in managing pain and inflammation.

       Help treat muscle spasm: Another area for using THC is treating muscle spasms. They show positive results in diseases like multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease. The benefits are further extended for athletes suffering from muscle spasms. They affect muscle recovery and reduction of muscle spasms because of their anti-inflammatory properties. The researchers have also found that they can also be used for crossfit trainers.

       Improves sleep: THC helps induce sleep. It is also helpful for people in the sleep arena or people who have PTSD. CBD here can help ease sleep disorders and daytime fatigue as all of us know that sleep is essential for the better performance of the athlete. The CBD levels in cannabis help in stress relief and also improve sleep quality and duration. THC is also beneficial as an alternative to sleep medication, with little or no side effects. Over 95% of the respondents can help in reducing the medication for sleep and anxiety.

       Improves mental acuity: apart from popular thinking, THC has several side effects on the brain. Regular and low doses of THC can help you with cognitive function. THC can help you increase your focus by reducing anxiety by staying calm and focused on the task.      

       Damage lungs: Athletic performances get severely affected while smoking regularly. They are linked to damages in the lungs, which can even lead to cancer. For runners, it is essential to keep healthy lungs for giving a better performance; hence they should avoid consuming anything through the smoke. According to research in California, THC is 93% found positive for including pesticides. The smoke through THC is four to five times more toxic and carcinogenic. Every THC product is not consumed through smoking, but they all are equally risky. 

       Impairs motor skills: consumption of THC can have a negative effect on your motor skills. It decreases the speed of reaction and global stability. These have an impact on activities such as decision-making, driving, etc. Consumers of THC get healing benefits from consumption; hence you cannot correctly do physical exercises after consuming marijuana. These are also great supplements for recovering after a workout. Researchers have concluded that THC has a higher effect on older users, with substantial performance changes, brain structure, and brain function. 

       Increased chronic depression: while looking for therapeutic uses of compounds, you can ensure the risks to the health. One of the increased risks with the consumption of THC is depression. And if you are consuming THC at higher levels, you are at high risk of psychiatric disorders such as depression, anxiety, etc. The term of depression can be the reason for decreased motivation due to several physical side effects. Depression can lead to a high increment in weight, fluctuations in blood sugar levels, and weakens immunity. 

       Risk of heart attack: THC is highly linked with the risk of heart attack within an hour of consuming it. They are combined with triggers for heart attack and exertion under the influence of potential danger. The persons consuming THC should consult a doctor before starting any fitness regime.


Consumption of THC has both positive and negative effects on the human brain and body. We have discussed the specific effects of THC on the runners. THC has been found effective in taking your practice to a deeper level and helps make your mind clear, thus helping improve the runners' performance. THC is also known for reducing the discomfort within the runners, and being less uncomfortable during the long run positively impacts your running. 

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