How Technology Is Giving A Helping Hand To Healthcare and Overcoming Huge Challenges of It?

How Technology Is Giving A Helping Hand To Healthcare and Overcoming Huge Challenges of It

We start our day using technology and end our day with technology. There is hardly a time in our day when we have not encountered technology, most people are even using robots to manage their work schedule, remind them about their work deliveries, and prepare plans for their daily routine.

The way technology is improving with each passing day, the new developments and changes are taking place drastically, if it's about shopping, communication, traveling, education, work, technology is spreading its wings as far as possible.

The Healthcare industry is no exception here.

Whether it's about diagnosis, treatment, research, pharmacy, or gathering health information, technology is changing all those standard processes and giving a fresh way to practice medicine.

Therefore in this blog, we are going to discuss how technology has changed healthcare and provide an efficient solution to some of the major issues in healthcare.

  1. Internet Is Another Source of Medical Information

Internet Is Another Source of Medical Information

As per the one survey report, it had concluded that 24 million Americans have been reported who used the internet to gain medical information in 2009.

In the developed countries where there is a high literacy rate like the UK, US, New Zealand, Canada, and many other countries, people use the internet on a large scale to gain medical information. Many people just love to read about health, disease, its treatment, and cure out of curiosity. However, depending on the internet information, skipping a doctor is completely a bad idea.

Moreover, the internet is also a good platform to track the nearby clinic and can know its reviews given by the patients, also you can fetch the number directly on the internet and can register our appointment quickly.

  1. Healthcare Is Reaching People Through Social Media To Reach A Larger Audience

Healthcare Is Reaching People Through Social Media To Reach A Larger Audience

There is no better online platform than social media, especially when it comes to reaching people. Public clinics, doctors, research facilities are taking good advantage of social media to reach a larger audience, and also able to receive positive results out of it.

Most of the hospitals have their page on social media, like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn where they post content in the form of images and videos showing their facilities, offers, new initiatives, social activities. This way, hospitals try to build up their relationship with their patients and make others aware of their establishment. Raising questions on social media, running public awareness campaigns keeps their audience engaged and updated.

Some of the hospital's websites have such a feature that enables patients to chat with nurses and doctors about their medical issues and can receive primary treatment and guidance regarding necessary vaccines.

  1. Technology Has Taken Some of The Pain of Patients By Bringing Innovative Machines

Technology Has Taken Some of The Pain of Patients By Bringing Innovative Machines

It is needless to say that technology has brought change into the healthcare industry by providing new machines, treatments, medicine, and innovative techniques in treatments using digital devices.

There is no doubt that traditional medicine practices have their own abilities to treat the patients perfectly and cure the disease with the same old practice. However, technology is not harming the traditional practices in any aspect, but it contributes its advanced technologies and innovations to existing practices to make them more effective and fast.

Since there is much research going on in health care as new diseases are arriving and quality of life is reducing in great numbers, technological advancement helps research in speeding up the process so that new treatment and medicine will help people in the future.

Below are the few Medical technologies have come across so far


        AI and machine learning

        Cancer Immunotherapy

        3D Printing

        Robotic surgery

  1. Information Technology Has Made Healthcare Faster, Easy and Transparent

Information Technology Has Made Healthcare Faster, Easy and Transparent

Storing medical information in the hard copy like in files and diaries is somewhere old school now. Hospitals and doctors clinics are now adopting digital devices to store patients’ medical information so that there is no tension of losing it and no headache from a bundle of papers in the office. Stored data into electronic devices can be referred later as well, which saves doctors time as they easily search the name of patients in a matter of seconds, all the information will appear on the screen.

Also, patients can go through the information that doctors have recorded, this way they would also be aware of what treatment they are receiving and how it is going? Therefore, technology in healthcare is the reason that maintains transparency between the patients and the doctors.

Another benefit of information technology in healthcare is that all the electronic health data of patients can be used in research programs as its best way to know what patients are going through, does the existing treatment is effective or not, how many people are suffering from the same diseases and why the diseases are proliferating?  All such data can be gathered using information technology which helps in the research programs.

  1. Mobile Health Has Brought A Lot of Change Into The Healthcare System

Mobile Health Has Brought A Lot of Change Into The Healthcare System

Mobile health is nothing but a platform where one can avail medical facilities through mobile phones. Telemedicine and pharmacy apps are the 2 prime examples of mobile health.

 Through mobile health,

        Patients can book an appointment,

        Consult doctors in audio and video format,

        Get diagnosed remotely,

        Doctors can share their prescriptions on the mobile healthcare app.

There are mobile-health start-ups that are running successfully by giving useful features to patients and healthcare providers because it has a feature of remote patient monitoring allowing doctors to diagnose many patients at one time which they could not do before this technology arrived.

Furthermore, its great initiative by healthcare technology, which eliminates the problem of miscommunication, and bad coordination as this mobile health is designed in such a way where doctors, patients, nurses, pharmacists can access the software and communicate in the same online domain, and such practice of technology keeps the communication direct and transparent for everyone.

Pharmacy app development is another growing technology in healthcare, that allows patients to buy medicine online, it's a platform where patients can upload the prescription and avail medicine from any pharmacy shop that is registered in the application. Many pharmacy shops have their individual application where they sell only their products online and another application which is known as marketplace app where multiple pharmacies sell their products in one place.


The way technology is becoming an important part of human life, everything that is associated with technology in our life is making the process fast and smooth. The same goes with healthcare when there were numerous problems that have made the conditions vulnerable, now technology has come up with fantastic techniques and innovations that gradually changes the scenario of the healthcare industry.

Whether it’s the internet, web, mobile applications, advanced machines, software, healthcare is adopting everything to make the system smooth and can expand medical facilities to the larger areas where there is a scarcity of medical resources.

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