Home Renovation: To Buy Or To Rent the Tools?

Home Renovation: To Buy Or To Rent the Tools?

Most of us have a standard tool kit at home that allows us to complete small repairs. However, none of these are suitable for home renovation jobs, especially when it comes to larger projects. Many homeowners struggle to make the right decision when it comes to the machines and tools they use. Mainly, they aren’t sure whether renting or buying pays off more in the long run.

The budget

The budget might just be the most important factor for many homeowners when it comes to home renovations. People may look into renting first and the prices might just seem too high for something you need to give back. Buying a new or used forklift or another piece of big machinery just seems to make more sense even if the price is bigger, simply because you get to keep the product.

However, the biggest mistake people make here is that they don’t take into account long-term costs. That same forklift will need to be serviced and maintained regularly over the years. As well as that, how many times do you think you’ll be able to use it?

In truth, you may end up paying a large amount of money for something that will just be collecting dust on your property. When you look at it this way, it simply makes more sense to rent that machinery. Sure, the price may be high but you’ll actually get your money’s worth in this scenario and you won’t be wasting a penny when it comes to long-term investments.

Environmental impact

It’s always better to rent and reuse when it comes to the environment. This is because you don’t waste more energy and resources than you need. Buying machinery for one-time use is highly wasteful and doesn’t contribute anything good to the world you live in.

On the other hand, renting allows the same machine to live through its lifespan effectively and not rot in a storage space somewhere. Many people will get to use the same machine, as it remains in circulation. The less need there is for companies to make new forklifts just so people can use them one time, the better it is for everyone.



Buying equipment instead of renting it seems like a great plan in theory until you have to think of a way to store the heavy machinery properly. Regardless of how big your home is, the chances are that you don’t really have a spare place to put the forklift in. Smaller items may be able to go in the garage, but without proper maintenance and regular use, they can easily get rusty and unusable in the future.

Luckily, cheap forklift hire exists all over the world. By renting a piece of heavy machinery such as that, you know instantly where you’re going to store it after the renovations are done. You don’t have to try and stretch your house beyond the physical limitations or spend extra cash on a storage unit just for the machinery.

Instead, you’ll simply return the equipment where you bought it from. Those professionals will make sure the forklift is still in good condition, take on regular maintenance, and someone else will be able to use it just like you did.

Disposing of The Equipment

Disposing of The Equipment

You might still be leaning towards buying the equipment instead of renting simply because you may believe there are other solutions than keeping it after the renovations are done. Yes, you don’t have to spend time and money on proper storage when you can simply sell or donate the machinery afterward.

However, this is only a good plan in theory. Most companies operate with their own machinery and don’t take such donations simply because they already have a responsible seller they work with. It will be hard to find individuals willing to buy the forklift and other machinery, as these things don’t come cheap. There is a chance of selling or donating to someone who wants to start their own construction business, but that chance is slim, to say the least.

Even if you opt for this step, the chances are that it will take a while to find an interested party. What do you plan on doing with the machinery in the meantime? In other words, the problem of storage remains even if you plan on selling or donating.


As you can see, renting is definitely the more affordable option. While it may seem appealing to own all the equipment you’re using, it’s very hard to find proper storage and use once the renovations are complete. Renting allows for more freedom in the choice of equipment, too. Among other things, these are the main reasons homeowners don’t opt for buying the tools and machines in the end.

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