What To Think About When Replacing Your Windows

What To Think About When Replacing Your Windows

There are several advantages to replacing your windows when deciding on a renovation project. Window replacement not only beautifies your house but also is a great way to increase the value of your property. This is perfect if you intend to sell your house, whether that be now or much later down the line. However, when you decide to replace your windows it'd be preferable if you took into account a variety of criteria while selecting the windows you’re going to replace them with.

Window Designs

When changing out an old window, you may wish to replace it with a window that is similar in style and design. However, there is no one way to redesign a window installation. In fact, there's no rule saying that’s what you have to do. Instead, you have the opportunity to choose a completely new window in a completely different design to give your property a new and refreshed look. Here is a list of different window design options you can look over before deciding just what you want to do with yours:

•             Bow & Bay Windows

              A combination of three or more windows that angle out from the exterior wall. The middle window is usually the largest, while the windows on either side are slimmer. What sets a Bay window apart from a Bow window is that there are more sections on each pane of a Bay window.

•             Double-hung

              Double-hung windows allow for either the top or bottom section of the window to slide up and down, allowing for ventilation from two different points of entry.

•             Casement

              Casement windows are attached to their frame by one or more hinges on one of their sides. They can be held open by what’s known as a casement stay, and only open in one direction. These windows work well on their own or in pairs depending on the size of the space they’re needed to fill.

•             Picture

              Picture windows are stationary, non-opening windows. They look, as their name suggests, simply like a picture frame on your wall.

•             Garden

              Garden windows are most popular in the kitchen over your sink. They consist of a boxy frame that juts out from the exterior of the house, allowing you to place plants, knick-knacks, or kitchen tools on the sill.

•             Slider

              Slider windows are double-paned windows, much like a double-hung window only sideways. They can be opened from either side, sliding to either the right or the left depending on which side you open.

The style of windows you choose will be determined by the size and shape of your house, as well as what was already in place before you started renovating. Before choosing windows for your home, think about a few different shapes, styles, and configurations and how you think they could enhance or detract from your home.

Window Frame Material

Comparing window frame materials reveals that they are not all made equal. Consider the insulating value of the frame, its energy efficiency, and how simple it will be to maintain. Because different materials have advantages and downsides, you must complete your research.

If you want to change your aluminum windows, vinyl or fiberglass windows may be a better option if they match your present windows.

The Architecture of Your Home

Select windows that suit the architecture of your home. Slider and casement windows are common in contemporary homes, although double-hung or awning windows look great in historic homes. A farmhouse-style property with bow or bay windows would look fantastic.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Every component of your home, including your windows, must be maintained and cared for. The method you use to clean the windows will vary depending on the material and design of the frames. Vinyl is among the easiest materials to maintain since it does not require repainting or sanding.

Energy Efficiency

Older windows are energy inefficient, and needing to change them could be a gift in disguise since you might now pick energy-efficient windows. Triple or double-paned windows will perform a far better job of keeping your energy expenses low, and they will also help to shut out outside noise.


Inquire about the installation guarantee from the replacement window provider. What is their construction procedure like during the winter season? How many individuals and how long would it require to install the windows?

The window design, construction of the structure (masonry, wood), the outside cladding all influence window installation. To function properly, air sealing and window flashing should all be fitted by the manufactures instructions.

Quality Construction

Search for new windows that are guaranteed to be weather-tight. You'll want to ensure that the windows have gotten fusion-welded for durability and strength. Search for glass that effectively blocks dangerous UV rays.

Single-glazed windows have one glass pane, whereas double-glazed windows have two glass panes with insulating gas in between. Whereas, a triple-glazed glass has three panes, which provides additional insulation.

If you are looking for new windows, it is a smart idea to do your homework so that you can make an informed choice. Speak to us for more information on which window style, glass, material, and properties are best for your home.

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