How To Simultaneously Work On Your BJJ GI And No GI Training

How to Simultaneously Work on Your BJJ GI and No GI Training

When it comes to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu most people keep comparing the GI and No GI training. They also talk about how one is better than the other or vice versa. There is no doubt that a few techniques in GI are better than no GI and vice versa but this doesn’t mean that only one method can be considered as an ideal. Experts say it is better to work on both styles. One of the common misconceptions is that people who train in GI BJJ eventually end up developing a muscle memory that only coordinates with GI BJJ movies and when they switch to No GI, they find it hard. To some extent, this might be true but switching is always hard no matter what the case is. To address this issue, some experts train people with both GI BJJ and No GI BJJ simultaneously.

With the help of this article, we will talk about one of the major differences between the GI BJJ and the No GI BJJ. We will also talk about a simple training method that can help you polish your skills and techniques in both GI and No GI Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

What Is The Difference Between GI And No GI BJJ?

The main difference between both types is the GI. Since GI offers an easy way to grab your opponent you will see that eventually, this slows down the game. However, without GI there is no place to hold on to your opponent which means your opponent will keep slipping and you will have to become a little aggressive to tackle your opponent. The best part is that without any GI the games end quickly but with GI you will see people usually pushing each other or trying to get rid of the grip which can end in either way. With NO GI you will see that things are swift and injury is more. However, in real life, most people wear clothes so GI BJJ helps you get ready for that and if you have practiced it, you will be able to tackle your opponent in a street fight easily.

Work On Your Body Language and Get Comfy

Most people get very confused when they are in a submissive position. They play well when they are on top but as soon as they are at the bottom, they feel it is the end of the game. However, with both GI and No GI you will see that staying in the game and strategy is very important so you need to focus on that. Work on your ability to invert so that you can play better in a street fight, GI as well as NO-GI.

Work On Your Body Language and Get Comfy

Focus On A Grip Less Strategy

We know most people love the idea of holding on to the opponent and then slamming him down. However, this will limit your ability to only fight when you have something to polish your grip. One of the main things is that people like Spider guard and lasso guard but you cannot build your whole strategy around that. Instead, you need to work on precision, timing, and staying ahead of the game. Some people even latch on to the GI pants, however, this will limit your fighting spirit. You need to stay ahead and know how your opponent is moving and then use it against him.

Focus On A Grip Less Strategy

Use Over-Hooks and Under-Hooks

Most people think that using over hooks and under hooks are a little tricky and rightfully so. However, if you learn the use of under hooks and over hooks and then polish your moves this can work as a making or breaking point of the game. They work effectively for both GI and No GI which is the reason instructors recommend you should work on it. If your opponent is only trained in GI, he will not understand the idea of over hook and under hook and this will eventually bring out a sense of surprise.

Use Over-Hooks and Under-Hooks

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, working on both GI and NO GI at the same time will reduce your learning time and you will definitely see the impact. Another important part is that most of the techniques are the same so you are just polishing your body language and making it better. Overall, you will see improvement eventually if you stay consistent. A good way of understanding the difference is to practice with GI and then without GI. This will give you a sense of how to grab someone with or without GI. This will also help you to know about the difference which will help you transform your stance and body language according to the requirements of the game.

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