Best Workout For MMA Fighters

Best Workout For MMA Fighters

No doubt mixed martial arts fighters are best conditioned and are considered the strongest fighters in the world. When you think about building up your body like an MMA athlete, most people hit the gym because they want to get a muscular body with lean muscles. For the MMA fighter it’s essential to have strength, stamina, and muscular endurance if you don't have any one of them then you are purposeless. So, if you want to become an MMA fighter you need to perform the workout which will help you to build up your muscles, will burn fats, and will help you to improve your strength as well.

So, if you are planning to hit the gym, you need to get suitable gym workout clothes first which must aid comfort during your workout and training sessions. Elite sports workout clothes are stylish, durable, and breathable too.

So today we will discuss various exercises that are the best for MMA fighters, and these workouts will surely help you to build your body like an athlete, and will also enhance your body conditioning as well.


For MMA fighters, deadlifts are the best workout that will help you to build up the muscles of your lumbar erector, glute, and adductor Mangus. Most MMA fighters practice deadlifts because their kick strength gets improved by practicing deadlifts. Along with that the lower leg muscles also get much stronger. So, you can see the importance of deadlifts for becoming a professional MMA fighter. You can practice deadlifts with the help of barbells or with dumbbells as well, so it’s up to you with which equipment you want to practice deadlifts.

Plyometric Exercise.

MMA fighters are the world's toughest fighters both physically and mentally. So, if you want to improve your agility, speed, and power you must start performing plyometric exercises from today. Basically, in MMA, you need to be quicker, so that you can respond and can execute the punches and kicks quickly, and definitely, plyometric exercises would improve your athletic performance remarkably.

Also, plyometric exercises are good for your joints, bones, they will immensely increase your body strength and if you practice plyometric exercises, you would be able to execute the powerful punch.

As I mentioned above if you are an athlete, you must have suitable gym workout clothes that must be lightweight. Elite sports gym outfits are durable and are also available at an economical price.

Core Strengthening Exercises.

If your core is stronger than the power generated to execute the punch, kick and several throws will be stronger. So as the MMA fighter you need to practice those workouts that will help you to build up stronger core muscles because as I mentioned before the stronger will be your core, more powerful will be your punch. There are various exercises that you can practice to strengthen your abdominal area, most of these exercises are weight training with some repetitions, planks, sit-ups, glute bridges, and crunches.


As you know, MMA fighters mostly use their arms for takedowns and grappling, so they must have stronger strength for grappling and also for knocking down the opponent. So, pull-ups are also one of the amazing workouts for MMA fighters which helps a fighter to improve his/her arms strength. Other than that, a boxer also practices pull-ups so that they can generate more energy and strength during their boxing sessions. Also, chin-ups, pull-ups develop the strength in your upper limb.


One of the champions and well-known MMA fighters named Cassiano Laureano made the world record by performing burpees for one hour. So as you know the importance of doing burpees, should be an essential part of your workout regimen because a fighter can build up his glute, core, triceps along with his/her back muscles as well. Also, your athletic performance gets improved because it's a good workout for elevating your heart rate.

Thruster Workout

As an MMA fighter, you must need to have excellent equilibrium, also stronger muscles play an important role in providing you with an athletic physique. A thruster workout is one of the best exercises that will improve your equilibrium, strength and will also improve your stamina (that is required for fighting and training sessions). 

The appropriate weight of loading the barbell should be around 29.4 kilograms for women, and for men, the weight loaded in the barbell should be around 43.09 kilograms. You can add more weight but it all depends upon your health condition (fitness level). 

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