5 Fashion Pointers For Your Next Formal Event

5 Fashion Pointers For Your Next Formal Event

Dressing up for any event can be quite daunting and cumbersome, especially if you do not know what exactly to wear. This is also true for formal events which usually have a strict dress code that multiple people struggle in trying to comply with. You can attempt to prepare months before, and still find yourself stuck, at the last minute. The great thing about formal events is that it is easy to figure out what not to wear. Accessorizing on the other hand may turn out to be a little more challenging, given that the line that stands between what is formal and what is not can get quite blurry.

Here are 5 fashion pointers for your next formal event:

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Comfort is key when you are choosing which shoes to wear at your next event. Many people usually dread dressing up for formal events because of how uncomfortable their shoes get after wearing them for prolonged periods. It is therefore important that you wear shoes that you can walk around and dance in. If you are looking to wear heels, your safest bet will be going with low or chunky heels, which usually prioritize comfort and style. You could also go for shoes that you’ve worn before, instead of forcing your feet into a new pair of shoes.


A lot of people usually think that the dress or suit is the only thing you need to focus on when attending a formal event. This is however a gross assumption given that your accessories play a major role in bringing your look to life. Makeup, jewelry, shoes, or a bag can do wonders for your outfit and make you stand out uniquely. Accessories make a look function and shape out an outfit. Accessories also hold the power of throwing off an entire outfit, so it is important to distinguish what works and what does not.

Dress To Impress

This might seem obvious but a formal event is a perfect opportunity for you to go all out and look your absolute best. This means choosing an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Confidence is an important factor needed for your outfit to stand out. Knowing your body type will go a long way in choosing something that is not too tight or too loose, but instead flatters your body. If you are buying a new outfit for the occasion, you can opt to go for a multi-wear dress that can be unique and worn on multiple other occasions. No matter the style you decide on, a polished and professional outfit is key.

Limit Your Jewelry

You mustn't go overboard with your jewelry at a formal event. This is because a lot of flashy jewelry can be quite overwhelming and distracting. A few pieces on the other hand will go a long way in ensuring you look elegant and polished. A great tip for when you are dressing up is to remember to focus on the entire look, rather than individual pieces of jewelry. If your outfit of choice is a tuxedo, consider going with cufflinks or a statement watch instead of multiple necklaces or rings. A long dress will pair well with a dainty chain or simple tiara that can enhance your outfit and make it more glamorous.

Stick To What You Know

A lot of people usually have that one specific piece of clothing that they pull out whenever they are going out for a special occasion. It might be a fitted jacket or signature scarf. Sometimes people might feel like they want to step out of their comfort zones, but you will find out that signature pieces could be the best choice for formal events, especially if you are getting ready at the last minute. Do not shy away from a look that always comes through for you on multiple occasions.

These pointers are a clear indicator of how simple it can be to get an outfit for a formal event. The best outfit usually begins with the mind, given that how you perceive yourself will set a path for how others view you as well. 

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