What To Do With Large Freight Items Before Moving

What To Do With Large Freight Items Before Moving

The thought of moving to a new place is exhausting. It is because it takes lots of time to pack your items and send them to the new location. Also, if you were to get people to do it for you, you may still face challenges. In the case, you are moving large freight items you must ensure the packaging design is strong enough. It should withstand the movements from forklifts and vehicle transportation.

Here are tips to use when moving large freight items.

Use A Proper Pallet

Moving heavy items is best when you secure them with a pallet. The pallet can be made of plastic or wood. You can choose what suits you depending on the weight of the item that needs to be shipped. There might be some items, such as large vehicles, that might require third-party help from auto shipping companies. The option you choose should withstand the pressure that is involved with moving. When buying a pallet to use when moving, you need to know the weight restriction. Each pallet company has specific restrictions.

Durable Packaging

Most of the moving packages are made of cartons. The cartons should be durable enough to withstand the weight that can be stacked on them. It is advisable to use new cartons that have reinforced water-activated tape. The tape’s purpose is security. Also, for better protection, you can reinforce the carton with layers of x-pad on the sides, bottom, and on top. The x-pads allow the large items to stay in one place despite the rough movement.

Cushion and Wrap Your Items

Large and heavy items during movement are known to shift within the box. The shifting can make the item break or crack. To ensure that the items remain intact, surround the item with a thick layer of x-pad for protection. Fill in any empty space within the box. It is advisable not to use crumpled newspapers and packing papers. These tend to compress during shipment. In this case, your items may get damaged.

Add Another Box

When you pack your items into a box, it is recommended to slide the packed box into another box. The other box should be bigger in size and should allow you to fill the space between the two boxes with air pillows. The larger and fragile the item is, the larger the clearance space should be. The cushioning should protect your items in case they fall and get punctured.

Seal The Box

When moving large freight items, it is obvious that you need to seal the item. Sealing helps your item not to open while moving. For heavy items, it is advisable to use reinforced water-activated tape. When you use tape that is not designed for packing, the tape won’t protect the box from opening. The opening may break your items.

Make Your Boxes Light

When moving large freight items, it is advisable to break the shipments into boxes. Also, be sure to wrap the items separately. Over heavy boxes are likely to break between shipments leading to huge losses. It is better for one separate item to break than have all your items break.


When you are done packing and sealing the item, give it a shake test. The shake makes you know if the items are moving or not. If anything inside the box is moving, the chances of things breaking in the box are high. If the items are moving freely inside, open the box and repack your box trying to cushion the items further.

Bottom Line

The bottom line with large freight items is that they are prone to damage as they move between the supply chain. With proper packaging, the items can withstand vigorous fork-lift movement and conveyor belts. Always work with a company that handles your items with care. In this case, you can rest easy knowing your items will arrive safely.

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