Utilities You Need Installed After A Home Extension

Utilities You Need Installed After A Home Extension

Utility installation can be an important last project for any interior extension, expansion, or other home improvement project. From installing the plumbing and wiring to giving the new area in your house the abilities for climate control and even broadband, overlooking adding a utility to this new part of your home could lead to no end of problems or frustrations when it comes to your next renovation or home upgrade.


While installing new pipes and fixtures may not be necessary during every home extension, plumbing can be of critical importance when it comes to expanding areas like the kitchen, adding a new bathroom, or extending other areas of the home. You might have to take the plumbing into consideration no matter where you are in the house simply do the pipes running through your house. Even minor issues with plumbing installation can lead to serious problems after everything is said and done, so ensuring top-quality results the first time can be of critical importance. Rushed installation, working with poor-quality components or contractors, and other easily avoidable issues could lead to water damage within the home as well as any cleanup and repair costs.

It’s a good idea to do proper research on the professionals you hire to complete the job, as well as to probably brush up on what they plan to do. This will give you an idea of what to expect. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand something they’re doing. After all, you want to make sure your house won’t have issues later on, and an easy way to prevent that is to make sure it can’t happen.

Electrical Wiring

Electrical work is an essential and obvious aspect of almost all home improvement projects. Even if you’re doing only the most modest of upgrades or interior additions, they’ll still require at least some rewiring or electrical work.

Working with electricity can be hazardous, however, especially for anyone who lacks the proper equipment or training to safely say they know what they’re doing. For minor jobs or repairs, you might be able to get away with some research and a trip to the hardware store. For more complicated or intricate projects or problems, seeking help from an experienced residential electrical contractor can often provide a safer, more convenient, and more effective solution.


Simply extending your existing system of vents and ducts into a new interior area may not be enough to ensure adequate heating and cooling. Should your existing AC unit or heater be too small to handle having to cool or heat more air for increased space and area following your extension project, it may be time for an upgrade to something more durable. You may have to order simply a whole new unit that’s bigger and able to handle a larger house or simply add an additional unit to help your system keep up.

Window-mounted AC units, portable space heaters, heat pumps, and other equipment options that can provide a room or area-specific heating and cooling may be able to provide a cost-effective alternative should you lack the funds needed to upgrade your central climate-control system.


While Internet access may not seem like a critical utility to think about during a home improvement project, having spotty Wifi or being unable to connect to the internet at all after adding a room or extending an existing area can quickly become a major inconvenience. Repositioning the router or expanding your home network may end up being an important part of your home renovation, perhaps towards the end when you’re trying to move into the new space and make it feel just like the rest of your home. To do this, you can buy a WiFi extender or a mesh system. Both of these devices extend the range of your WiFi, making it easier for devices to connect from anywhere in your home. The increasing number of smart devices and home appliances that require Internet access means that broadband is no longer a utility that you can afford to simply overlook.

Thinking of ways to ensure issue-free utility hook-up and installation during your next home extension, upgrade, or renovation can be an essential part of your planning and preparation efforts. During the actual home improvement efforts, it’s also very important you trust the professionals in charge of actually installing or upgrading your utilities into the new areas. Getting things done right the first time saves you a lot of grief, hassle, and money later on. After all, overlooking utilities during a home-improvement project can lead to additional obstacles, potential bottlenecks in productivity, and other costly or damaging problems to your house that you would do well to avoid.

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