Tips For Creating A Perfect Reading Nook in Your New Home

A person sitting on the bed and holding a book

For a passionate reader, indulging in books represents a lot of things. Books allow us to escape to wonderful new worlds but also to better understand ours. Reading is a fantastic hobby that enables us to learn about anything and let our imagination explore new horizons. But apart from the books themselves, there's a lot more to enjoy in this pastime. What's better than curling up with a book in your favorite armchair on a rainy day? Every reader dreams of having a cozy, comfortable place where they can read and relax. Not to mention a place to display their book collection and all other bookish items. And while a home library with real library ladders may be an unattainable dream, there are a lot of other things you can do. Here are some valuable tips on creating a perfect reading nook in your new home!

Choose The Right Place

Firstly, before you start adding a personal touch to your home library, you need to find the best spot. If you have an extra room you can use, such as a spare guest bedroom, that is a perfect solution. On the other hand, an underutilized corner of the living room or even a particularly inviting windowsill can be just what you're looking for.

Of course, you should consider practical matters first. You need a space with good air-conditioning as well as suitable lighting. Next, think about what's important to you when you read. You probably want to avoid high-traffic areas of your home. After all, you need a place where you can unwind and avoid distractions.

Moving Into A New Home

What's best when moving to a new home is that you can choose the ideal place in advance. Planning a move with boxes upon boxes of books isn't an easy feat, not to mention the bookshelves and other items. As you probably know, home libraries are especially tricky to relocate. However, relocation gives you an opportunity of creating a perfect reading nook in advance, so use it. Set the right space beforehand and prepare it to suit your needs and style.

A cushion, a scented candle, and a hot drink on the windowsill can be a perfect book nook

Proper Lighting Is The Key To Creating A Perfect Reading Nook

Unless you read on your Kindle or use audiobooks, lighting is crucial. If possible, use as much natural light as you can. However, don't forget to plan for cozy evening reading, too. Floor lamps are a popular choice as well as wall sconces and table lamps. When choosing light fixtures for your reading nook, it's best to opt for those that will provide diffused and layered lighting. That way, the light will spread evenly and be pleasant on your eyes. The warm yellow light will create the perfect ambiance and make your reading nook seem magical.

The Right Furniture Will Make Your Reading Nook Extra Cozy

Depending on the amount of space you have, choose the furniture to make the space comfy and functional. As you're a book lover, the first thing that comes to mind is a bookshelf (or ten!). Luckily, there are shelves designed for every space possible. You can opt for built-in or standalone shelves, or if your collection isn't that extensive, floating shelves are the way to go.

Of course, filling your new shelves with books is an exciting task. If you need time to set up a book nook in your new home, consider placing your books in storage. The moving experts behind Helix Transfer & Storage recommend careful packing both for relocation and storing. And while books aren't as sensitive as some other collections (for example, porcelain figurines and such), they still demand a lot of care. Once your reading nook is ready, fill it in with all of your favorites!

Having your books within easy reach will make your book lounge extra cozy and pleasant. Additionally, a coffee table or a stand will give you a precious space for all the trinkets you might need while you're reading.

A girl reading on the floor after creating a perfect reading nook in the corner of her apartment.

Opt For Perfect Seating

While other pieces of furniture will provide both functionality and style, the choice of proper seating is essential. Have you always wanted a beautiful vintage armchair to curl up in and read? Or do you prefer more modern recliners? On the other hand, if you like to lie down with a fluffy blanket, a comfy chaise lounge or a love seat is an ideal solution. If you're short on space, a hammock will be equally comfortable while also adding a unique touch to your book nook. What matters is that you love spending time in your reading space.

Arrange Your Book Nook With An Artistic Eye

Once you set up all this functional stuff, it's time to be creative and have fun with decorating! Naturally, your new favorite place should also reflect your tastes and personality. There's no limit to what you can do! Here are some ideas to get you started:

      Arrange the books on your shelves - books are not only valuable for reading, but they're also aesthetically pleasing objects. You can arrange them in many ways - by genre, author name, or size; showcase the cover art by arranging your favorites to face out, side stack them in stylish ways, or even make rainbow shelves by color organizing them!

      Add some bookish knickknacks - once the books are all arranged to your liking, add some book decor. Bookends, prints, bookmarkers, toys and figurines, art pieces, scented candles, and similar items will all add flair to your bookshelves.

A beautifully arranged bookshelf with a lot of decoration.

      Surround yourself with art - you can also display your favorite art pieces on the walls; hang up your paintings, prints, drawings, photographs, posters, etc. Not only will they give a personal touch, but they'll also provide an immersive and cozy ambiance.

      Plants will freshen up the space - whether you love flowery or green variety, plants will add an oomph factor to your reading nook.

Enjoy Your New Reading Space!

Lastly, pick up your favorite book and enjoy reading in your new cozy retreat. Although creating a perfect reading nook can be time-consuming and challenging, it's always worth it. After all, we all need a place where we can pursue our passions, relax, and forget about the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives.

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