How To Add Personality To Your Home


How To Add Personality To Your Home

When you need it to be, your home should be your own private sanctuary. Moreover, when you want it to be, it should also be the perfect place for entertaining. Whether you're relaxing on your own or enjoying an afternoon drink with friends, having a living area that's infused with your personality is important. This is key for creating a safe space that puts your mind and soul at ease. Decorating your home is also an excellent opportunity to show people who you truly are and what you care about most. Following are a few quick tips to get you started.

Add an Accent Wall

If you want to make your living space look a little less like everyone else's, the best place to start is by creating an accent wall. This will add a daring dash of color to rooms while eliminating the boring, all-white surroundings that are found in nearly every apartment and home in the nation. When choosing an accent color, think about how different shades and hues affect your mood. Bold colors will create a definite and ultimately fixed ambiance. Softer tones can be more adaptable, but they may not speak to who you are. Make sure that your color choice blends well with your furnishings and floors.

Display Your Favorite Collections

Nearly everyone is a collector in one way or another. Some people like tiny figurines and antique dishes, others like paintings of elephants and eye-catching tribal masks. Whether your thing is toy trains or cuckoo clocks, display your collection with pride. Don't keep it locked in a backroom, stuffed away in boxes, or hidden in the attic. Clock collections belong on the wall or on a prominent shelf or mantel, and delicate, fragile items should be placed in corner shelves where they'll be visible, but away from traffic. Putting these things out will ensure that you're always surrounded by items that you enjoy and that those who visit your home are well-aware of what intrigues you.

Line Your Shelves With Books That You Love

What your read offers deep insight into what drives you. Some of your favorite books likely have worn covers and pages that have been lovingly dog-eared. If you've gone through quite a few books, however, consider using the best-looking of these as part of your decorating scheme. Not only do books look great in displays, but they're also excellent conversation starters. In addition to well-read titles, consider investing in several coffee table books to liven up dinner parties and other social occasions.

Frame Fun and Unique Photographs Rather Than Staged Portraits

Staged portraits can be attractive and funny, and they can also hold tremendous sentimental value. What these images rarely do, however, is capture the true essence of their subjects. The best photos are the ones that are casually taken when people are caught off-guard and simply being who they are. Consider framing some of these pictures and hanging them throughout your home. Photos of you laughing with your siblings or crying like a child after you dropped your ice cream are guaranteed to garner far more attention than pictures of you stiffly smiling at the camera.

Find an Original Way To Showcase a Favorite Hobby

If you're a music lover, consider framing a few sheets of your favorite composition. If you've got an old guitar, saxophone, or flute that's no longer usable, hang it on the wall. Writers can fill up space on empty desks and tables with antique typewriters, and dancers can frame a pair of old toe shoes. The activities that you invest in are art all by themselves. Anything that you approach with passion and dedication is well-worth becoming a part of your decorating plan. With this technique, you can create a fun, eclectic home where there's always something new and exciting to take in.

Allocate Your Space How You Deem Fit

Most condos, homes, and apartments are sectioned off into areas with all of their space clearly allocated for specific functions. Unless you live in a tiny studio, where you sleep, cook, eat, entertain, and bathe has already been determined for you. One of the best ways to create a truly unique and needs-specific living environment is by reallocating space wherever it makes sense. For instance, if you have a smaller than average bedroom but a large closet with sliding doors, try taking the doors off the closet and using them for a headboard. Positing the bed half-in the closet and half-out will give you more room for storing crafts, setting up a ballet barre, or showing off your massive book collection. A large balcony can be covered with a retractable shade and turned into an adorable outdoor dining area. Turn your living room into a personal gym and use your rec room or dining room for entertainment. As long as you aren't breaking the rules of your lease agreement or infuriating your homeowners' association, the sky's the limit.

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