The Best of Fashionable Wiley X 2021

The Best of Fashionable Wiley X 2021

WileyX is one of the top manufacturers of men's and women’s safety sunglasses. The brand is known for the high quality of its frames as well as the fashion features they integrate into each design. If you’re shopping for your next pair of WileyX prescription sunglasses, consider the following five selections. These styles have topped our list of the most fashionable WileyX shades of 2021.

WileyX Boss

The WileyX Boss Mens Safety Prescription ANSI Rated Tactical Sunglasses are a testament to the company’s union of style and safety. These shades are one of the best pairs of prescription sunglasses you’ll find on the market, and they’re some of the coolest, too. With polycarbonate lenses made from WileyX’s trademark Shatterproof Selenite™, you can be sure that these are built to last. The Removeable Facial Cavity™ adds extra protection by sealing out dust, pollen, and other eye irritants.

WileyX Slay

100% UV protection and an ANSI approval make the WileyX Slay MensTactical Safety Prescription ANSI Rated Sunglasses a strong contender for the top spot. As the name suggests, wearers will enjoy the confidence that these shades provide, inspiring you to slay every time you put them on. The lenses feature distortion-free clarity and Shatterproof Selenite™ for an optimized visual experience, and they’re compatible with prescriptions, too.

WileyX Tide

WileyX makes safety fashionable, and the WileyX Tide Mens Safety Prescription ANSI Rated Tactical Sunglasses are the perfect example of this principle. These prescription sunglasses are ANSI rated and OSHA approved for maximum protection, but it’s the reflective lenses and sleek design that will catch most people’s attention. These shades are ideal for sunny days spent fishing in shallow water or shooting at targets.

WileyX Enzo

Glossy black frames and matte gray lenses make the WileyX Enzo Mens SafetyPrescription ANSI Rated Tactical Sunglasses stand out. These prescription sunglasses are both cool and practical. Wearers will enjoy stylish features like a sleek silhouette alongside useful features like the WileyX trademarked T-Shell™ lens coating. In addition to these selling points, the Enzo sunglasses feature a unique Rx rim system that allows for the accommodation of a wider range of prescriptions.

WileyX Rogue

Users who are looking for a pair of prescription sunglasses that feature superior versatility will be drawn to the WileyX Rogue Mens SafetyPrescription ANSI Rated Tactical Sunglasses. These shades are the most popular selection in the WileyX changeable sunglasses series. Their versatility includes the ability to change the lenses from clear to tinted and from polarized to non-polarized. If you’re looking for flexibility, these are the ideal option.

WileyX Glasses for Style and Safety

If you’re an industrial professional looking for durable and versatile prescription sunglasses, you can’t do any better than WileyX. This top-of-the-line brand is unbeatable when it comes to quality, and these five fashionable selections prove that they look great, too. Find your next pair of WileyX shades at Safety Gear Pro. Reach out by calling (832) 850-2979 or contacting us online. We’ll help you find the right sunglasses and prescription lenses for the demands of your job.

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