Stylish Cat Litter Boxes for Your Home

Stylish Cat Litter Boxes for Your Home

Cats bring so much joy into the home but wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to have that eyesore of a litter box hanging around? The bad news is that you won't be able to forego the litter box completely. The good news is that we have some solutions for you with four stylish cat litter boxes for your home that will improve your current cat litter box situation!

A Furniture Cat Litter Box

Disguise your cat litter box as a piece of furniture that can be integrated into your space. Choose a litter box enclosure that is made out of wood or painted to match the rest of your furniture. This piece can be placed and the litter box can be hidden in nearly any room of a house without guests even noticing that it is there. Pro tip: make your own furniture cat litter box out of a piece of furniture you already have or something you find at a local thrift shop or tag sale! Simply cut out the appropriate openings for easy access for your cat and cleaning, give it a fresh coat of paint and you'll have a budget-friendly piece to disguise the litter box in! Tight on space? A furniture cat litter box can double as a piece of functional furniture with storage or shelving on top depending on the type of piece your choose.

A Modern Cat Litter Box

A modern cat litter box is a great stylish alternative that can provide different solutions for the need of any cat. Large or small, young or old, there's a modern box to benefit all cats. These simple but stylish litter boxes and thoughtful designs can make a huge difference in your space and can even enhance your and your cat's experience! Most modern designs for litter boxes have the pet owner and pet in mind and provide ease of access and a cleaner design than other traditional boxes. These functional but stylish designs help to eliminate hassle, messes, and undesirable odors. As humans, we are always looking for modern solutions and upgrades for our problems and everyday tasks so why not provide one for your cat as well!

A Plant Cat Litter Box

Transform the eyesore that your cat litter box may currently be into a focal point with a plant cat litter box! Similar to disguising a litter box as a piece of furniture, this option allows the litter box to be disguised as a plant decoration in any room of your home. Not only will this hide the litter box, but it will also bring some color and decor into your home. If you have the time and skill, this is another option that can be a DIY project and save you a few dollars.

Create Your Own Stylish Cat Litter Box Space

Instead of purchasing a new litter box or litter box accessory, consider some of the following suggestions to spruce up and style the space around the litter box you already have. Consider using a divider like a three-pane frosted glass decorative divider to place in front of the litter box so it is not immediately seen. With just a divider, your cat will still have ease of access to the box without a substantial obstruction but it will not be in plain sight. Similar to a divider option, if your space permits for it, put up a decorative curtain to gently close off the space where the litter box is kept. Again, your cat(s) will still be able to easily access the box but it will be concealed. Make this space a dedicated area for your cat to feel comfortable in with a mat around the litter box for

your cat to enter and exit on. Adding a mat to the space will also help to reduce litter from being tracked around your home.

Upgrade your cat litter box and add some style to your home with these litter box solutions. Whether you create your own stylish space with a curtain or decorative divider or choose to modernize the litter box, you will be happy you made a change and your cat(s) will thank you too!

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