Reasons You Should Think About Becoming A Truck Driver

Reasons You Should Think About Becoming A Truck Driver

Whether you love the open road, traveling, or just want a change in scenery, becoming a truck driver is a legitimate career choice to think about. You can choose how far you’re willing to drive, whether that means you’re able to go home every night or you spend either a few weeks to a few months on the road. It’s all up to you, you just have to take a second to think about why you should become a truck driver.

Opportunity For Adventure

Many people end up becoming bored with the careers paths they’ve chosen because they can feel repetitive and monotonous. They go to the same cubicle day in and day out, doing the same tasks over and over for years. Being a truck driver will allow you to have a more adventurous career. Depending on how far you’re willing to travel, you will be able to see new places you may have never visited otherwise. You can go around the country without having to spend a lot of money, most of it being able to be charged back to your company as business expenses.

Easy Training

Just as you didn’t have to spend years and years learning to drive a car, you don’t have to spend years learning to drive a truck. The training to become a truck driver is rather easy, the main and most important part being earning your CDL license. Many people can complete these programs in just seven weeks, after which you’re completely free to start applying for CDL truck driver positions as soon as you have graduated.

Great Pay

With any job, two main factors always come into play: the company you’re applying to, and the experience you have. However, regardless of experience, you can still make decent pay as a truck driver. You’re paid by the mile, the exact amount typically varying by route, which quickly adds up to an average of about $70k a year. Also, as is important to any job, there are plenty of benefits for you to enjoy and take advantage of. These range from the typical health insurance, 401k, and paid vacation time, but you can also take advantage of fuel discounts and potentially stock ownership of your company.

Important Job

When you consider important jobs, the typical answer might be some kind of emergency services provider or medical professional, perhaps even law enforcement. Jobs that serve the public in vital ways that protect or aid the public. You probably wouldn’t put a truck driver on that list, and yet people need truck drivers more than they might realize.

Truck drivers are responsible for transporting goods and materials from place to place. They’re the reason stores get stocked, food is delivered to restaurants, and pharmacies have medicine to sell. People wouldn’t be able to get their household goods easily without truck drivers who are willing to transport things from place to place. Almost everyone who either sells or buys anything relies on truck drivers. This has only become more and more apparent in the last year or so as supply chains have either slowed or broken down, people rely on the goods they need to be there and you can be the person to accomplish that.

Stable Job

This past year has really hammered home the fact that not every job or position is stable. There are many reasons why you could lose your job, or be furloughed so long you have no choice but to seek employment elsewhere either temporarily or permanently. However, you can rest assured that you will have a stable career if you are a truck driver. As established previously, the need to transport goods and services ranges from necessary to critical, thus you will always be able to find work in the trucking industry because there will always be a need for drivers.

The specific industry that you work in will influence the number of available jobs. However, if you can’t find work in one, you can always change the industry that you work in.

Truck driving is a career that you should consider choosing if you are ready for a change. You will be able to enjoy an adventure as you hit the road. It also does not take you a long time to complete the training that you need. You can earn a great living if you are a truck driver. Additionally, you will have a stable job that is important to society.

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