How SMS Marketing Boosts An Inbound Strategy

How SMS Marketing Boosts An Inbound Strategy

Short message service (SMS) marketing stands out as an excellent way to communicate with your customers and improve your business. SMS marketing involves sending text messages to your customers, so you can interact with them more. If you want to see how SMS marketing can improve your inbound strategy, you should look through the points listed below.

Send Reminders To Customers

When you start to utilize SMS marketing, you can send reminders to your customers and encourage them to perform actions. For example, if your customers tend to forget their appointments, you can send them a text reminding them of appointments. They can then respond to the text with confirmation or cancellation of the upcoming appointments.

You can also send other reminders to your customers through these messages. For example, if they have online carts with items in them, you can send those people reminders about their carts. You can come up with tons of alerts through your SMS marketing, so figure out which ones will encourage your customers to make purchases.

Take Advantage Of Short Codes

When you get involved with SMS marketing, some programs will allow you to utilize shortcodes to reach more people. A shortcode texting service allows your business to send lots of messages to multiple people. You can do this in a short period of time to reach tons of people as explained in the previous link.

Even though a service like this will cost you money, you can use it to reliably send messages to your customers. Since these messages go to their cellphones, you have a higher chance of reaching them since people carry their cellphones everywhere. That way, people will understand your business' desire to reach out to them.

Tell Them About Your Deals

Sometimes, you want to inform customers about upcoming or current deals, so you can incentivize them to make purchases. Not everyone checks their emails regularly to see these deals, so you may want to send out texts for specific ones. That way, people can find out about the deals immediately before they miss out on something nice from your business.

Depending on the situation, you can even send specific offers to various customers as a way to encourage them. Make sure you send the deals to customers if any of them will end soon. That way, you can send the right reminders to your customers and let them enjoy the sales.

Establish Immediate Communication

Since you can send messages quickly through SMS marketing, you can also utilize it as a way to immediately communicate with your customers. For example, you can let them ask questions through SMS and even send them important information about their accounts. Some will also offer two-step verification for people who want more security for their accounts.

Two-step verification involves having customers log in to their accounts online and typing in a code from their phones. This lets them keep their accounts safe, so if you establish an instant communication channel like this, you can meet their needs. Make sure you utilize SMS marketing for instant communication to help and inform your customers.

Give Them Purchase Updates

When people make purchases from businesses, they like to receive updates about those purchases. For example, they can learn the current locations of their purchases and find out when they should expect them to arrive. This means you can send updates to your customers through text messages, so you can easily inform them about the products they bought.

Since tons of people make online purchases nowadays, you should consider this point if you want to take advantage of SMS marketing. If you send your customers updates, they'll appreciate your business and the extra effort it puts into customer interactions. These updates should include information about when products should arrive and their current locations.


SMS marketing allows you to talk with your customers more while encouraging them to interact with your business and make purchases. If you like the idea of improving your marketing, you should look into SMS marketing. By doing so, you can enjoy the benefits listed above and help your business grow as it reaches out to more of your customers.

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