Fastest-Growing Online Businesses in The United Kingdom

Fastest-Growing Online Businesses in the United Kingdom

Since the country is recovering from a very serious pandemic, you would be right in thinking that many businesses have struggled over the last 18 months. However, there are always exceptions to general rules. While most have struggled, others have thrived. In this guide, you’ll see some of the fastest-growing online businesses in the United Kingdom.


To nobody’s surprise, Amazon sits atop the list and it’s a company that has experienced very few troubles even with the pandemic. When the world stopped and everybody was forced to stay at home, Amazon was the place to go for home gym equipment, home office equipment, entertainment products, and much more.

Even as the pandemic slows and the country reopens, consumers realize that nothing beats the convenience of getting whatever they want to be delivered to their front door within just a couple of days.

Pink Boutique

While Amazon sells products across all industries, Pink Boutique specializes in jewellery and fashion. Since it’s on this list, you’ve probably guessed that the business is thriving this year. The company launched back in 2012 in Newcastle, and the community has grown exponentially ever since. With nearly 1.6 million followers on Facebook, the clothing has won awards and people can’t get enough of the brand.

King Kong

When businesses had to close in the early months of 2020, most realized that the key to survival was an online presence. Suddenly, businesses with decades of experience in the physical world realized that they would need help. Therefore, most businesses went looking for an English digital marketing company.

In recent months, King Kong has become a prominent brand in the niche, and it’s not hard to see why. King Kong takes the pressure off the shoulders of businesses by helping with SEO, conversions, landing pages, Google Ads, Facebook, and a whole lot more.


The name gives the story away with this one, but Everything5Pounds is a clothing company that sells all sorts of items for just £5. Launched in Basildon, Essex, the company has been active for over a decade but has recently exploded. With over 1.3 million followers on Facebook, you’ll find everything including shoes, sweaters, hoodies, coats, and accessories. As well as clothing, Everything5Pounds also sells home appliances and items.

The name is simple, and the buying process is just as easy. Buy five items? You’ll pay £25. As the world of e-commerce grows and customers want affordability, this brand could continue to expand in the coming months.

Just Eat

Since the UK has been spending more time at home, this has also led to more food takeaway and delivery services. Just Eat is a service that collects meals from popular restaurants and delivers them to customers. Rather than selling food itself, it partners with restaurants and takes a small percentage of the profit. Once again, this is another company with over one million Facebook followers and Brits are enjoying the convenience of getting delicious food delivered to their doors.


Finally, we finish with a brand that has been a victim of the closing of high streets. Once common in all major high streets and shopping centres, companies like Amazon came along and offered customers an alternative. Credit to GAME, the company reacted, and it has managed to forge itself an adjusted spot in the industry.

Video game lovers can log into their GAME accounts and have video games, accessories, games consoles, clothing, and many other products delivered to their doorsteps. As well as selling products online, GAME has also launched gaming festivals and other events for the community. 

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