5 Signs of A Human Trafficking Victim and How To Help

5 Signs of A Human Trafficking Victim and How To Help

Human trafficking is a crime that is on the rise. Although there is more awareness and focus on this crime that enslaves victims against their will to participate in sexual exploitation crimes, marriage, organ removal, or cheap/free labor for the benefit of the trafficker, more awareness needs to happen. Continue reading to learn more about human trafficking, five signs to spot human trafficking, and ways to help.

Human trafficking is a term that was frequently heard about as a crime happening in other countries like Haiti and Africa. However, annually over 60,000 individuals are victims of human trafficking in the United States, which is growing.

Sadly, many victims of human trafficking are teens, and less than 1% of them return home. That means that more than 99% are stuck in that lifestyle, almost always against their will.

While most people want to live and mind their business, spotting and reporting human trafficking takes understanding the signs and the courage to tell someone. Some ways to spot human trafficking children, teens, and adults are:

No Control Over Wages or Earnings

Working with someone who has little control of their earnings is hard to spot. However, if a co-worker volunteers the information that they must turn over their paycheck, then chances are that they are victims of human trafficking. If they don’t volunteer the news, it may be harder to pick up on the signs because so many people live paycheck to paycheck or on a very tight budget.

However, you can usually spot some signs that they are giving their paycheck away.

Things like:

        Never joining the group for lunch outside the office.

        No money for vending machines immediately after payday.

        No new clothes or shoes.

        No discussion of life outside of work.

Have Unresolved Health Issues

If you have become friends with someone or work with an individual who constantly has unresolved health issues, they may be victims of human trafficking. Although being sick is not a sign, being ill and not seeing a doctor is a sign.

The victim of human trafficking with unresolved health issues is afraid to see a doctor because they worry about questions the doctor may ask. They fear that the doctor may start digging into their past or figure out their true identity. They would instead self-medicate with over-the-counter drugs than go to a doctor or hospital for treatment.

Frequently Have Scars, Bruises, and Black Eyes

Human trafficking victims often take the brunt of the abuse, primarily if they have been used for sex crimes. It is not unusual for their pimps to beat them into submission or simply for not making enough money. Also, when human traffickers are used for labor, they are often beaten or abused if they aren’t working up to what the owner finds acceptable.

When you see someone who frequently has unexplained scars, bruising or black eyes, there is a chance that they are the victim of human trafficking.

Are Traveling With Very Little Luggage

Some people find it easy to strike up a conversation with a stranger on a plane or train. Human traffic victims are not those people. However, if you happen to strike up a conversation with someone who tells you that they are moving or heading to a new city or state and yet they have very little luggage, there is a chance that they are a human traffic victim.

A Lot of People Staying in One Hotel Room.

Many times human traffickers will have their victims in a hotel room. They may have established addresses but don’t want to lead the authorities there, so they move from hotel to hotel. If you work in or are staying in a hotel and notice a room with several women and usually one or two men, there is a chance that the women are victims of human trafficking. Paying attention to how they are dressed and if they come and go freely from the hotel room is also a significant clue.

How To Report Human Trafficking

Reporting human trafficking can be scary with the worry about being identified for making a report. However, consider yourself brave and know that you may be saving a life by reporting what you see.

For reporting human trafficking, contact any local law enforcement officials to say what you have seen.

As you have read above, there are multiple ways to spot human trafficking. A few of those ways are above. Consider yourself a hero to someone if you spot human trafficking and can report it.

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