5 Amenities That Come With Flying Private

5 Amenities That Come With Flying Private

When you want to go someplace on vacation or need to travel for business, a great deal of your time will be spent on a plane. While flying in coach will get you there, you're not likely to have a very enjoyable experience. You and your traveling companions will have a much more pleasant time when you charter a private jet. Before you decide to fly with your usual airline, consider the advantages and amenities you'll enjoy aboard your private jet.

1.     Enjoy Privacy in Your Stateroom

When you travel aboard a luxury private jet charter, you'll have access to staterooms that are separated from the main lounge. This is especially enjoyable during longer flights when you might want to lay down and take a nap. If you're traveling with a toddler or young child, having access to that private stateroom will give you a place to gather and watch your kids in one space. Whether you need to change a diaper or want your kids to do some school work, a private stateroom will help reduce distractions. Even if you're traveling alone, a stateroom provides a great place to do a little work, relax in privacy, or freshen up with a change of clothes before the plane lands.

2.   Take Advantage of First-Class Service

When you reserve your charter flight, be sure to make any special requests at that time. This will give the staff the time to stock the jet with the supplies they will need to meet your requests. That might involve making sure there are extra towels or napkins on board, preparing gluten-free meals, or providing a jet in which smoking is permitted. Any requests you have on behalf of yourself, your family, or your guests should be made in advance to ensure the staff can provide you with the highest level of quality in serving you.

3.    Freshen Up in A Full-Size Bathroom

Another feature that makes a private charter a more tempting option for travel is that you'll have access to at least one full-size bathroom. This means you'll have access to a toilet, sink, and bath or shower. If traveling leaves you feeling groggy or disheveled, taking a shower before the landing can help you perk yourself up. If you'll be in the air for several hours, you may feel the need to brush your teeth or wash your face. Any personal care habits you may feel the need to do can be done privately in the full-size bathroom. Since there are few other passengers aboard the flight, you can freshen up without worrying about being disturbed.

4.   Pick Your Favorite Type of Entertainment

Everyone who is traveling with you can choose the entertainment that will best help them pass the time. You can choose to stream a movie or watch your favorite television show on the big screen T.V. Alternatively, free access to WiFi services will allow everyone in your party to use their mobile devices and laptops. If your children want to watch cartoons, they can stream them on their own devices, while everyone else watches a movie on the television. Alternatively, you can use the surround sound stereo system to listen to some music. Turning up the right sounds can help your guests prepare for a tropical vacation or a weekend of gambling in the casinos.

5.     Relax in A Safe Environment

By chartering a private jet, you'll enjoy a faster boarding process and you'll know every passenger on the flight. Aside from the pilots and service personnel, the only people on the plane will be the guests you bring along. This means the flight will be much more secure, and there will be a vastly lower chance of contracting airborne viruses. You can rest easy and enjoy the lounge aboard your private luxury jet when you know that you and your guests are safer from any threats that concern regular commercial flights.

Overall, you'll enjoy a quality of service aboard a chartered jet that is similar to the service you would enjoy in any four-star hotel. The staff will have only you and your guests to service, which means everyone in your party will benefit from more personalized attention. Once you travel aboard a chartered jet for the first time, you may never want to travel coach again.

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