The Ultimate Guide To Improving Your Local SEO Strategy

The Ultimate Guide To Improving Your Local SEO Strategy

The ultimate goal of every online business is to lead more traffic to their site. Because this traffic might turn into customers and getting more customers equals with more profit. Normally, SEO is in charge of this procedure; but local SEO can be even more helpful.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a credible law firm in New York City or a tiny home cleaning company in a small town in Scotland. The only thing you need to do is make sure that your potential clients can have easy access to you.

Local SEO is an important tool you can use to reach your goal. Here are the steps that you should take to improve your local SEO.

What is Local SEO?

SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization and it means the process of appearing on a search engine result page (preferably the first page) when a query is searched by users. Local SEO is all about appearing in a better position than your competitors on the result page when local people ask for services or products online. In this article, we have fully described the importance of local SEO.

Local SEO is important for those users who seek for local services. for example, they search for ‘the nearest restaurant’ to them or ‘the nearest laundry shops’ to do their daily chores. It is a great strategy to optimize your site for every kind of search engine including Google, Bing, Apple, and …, but if you want to pick just one, go for Google. Google has 88% of the search market share in the United States and this simply shows the importance of being considered by Google.

Read the instructions below to learn more about these steps:

  • Optimize Your Site’s Keywords

Your local SEO strategy should be planned to fulfill one goal and that goal should be making your business available for your customers at any time. If you have a small local cafĂ© serving great coffees and you want to be found in ‘near me searches’, you must target terms and keywords like: ‘best cafes near me’ or ‘cafes in my area’.

Service in Location (SiL) is a good starting point for your local keyword research. It means that you can target your services or products plus in [location] as your local keywords. For instance, you can take ‘eyelash extensions in Sydney’ if you provide eyelash services. Then, make this style for all your products or services.

If you find it difficult to figure out all the proper keywords for your online business, you can use experts’ proficiencies.  local SEO Melbourne professionals recommend it would be a good idea to use tools like This one from Higher Visibility. After choosing your business and relevant services and products, add your locations. This tool will generate the local keywords that best fit your business.

Google’s auto-complete function assists you in this procedure. It has definitely happened to you that you search for a specific term in the google search box and while you are typing, some suggestions related to your query appear below the box. Those sentences are the most popular searches by people all around the world. This action expands your horizon toward your local keyword research.

  • Google My Business

Businesses that have registered their core information and are verified on Google My Business, are better prioritized by Google. In simple words, if you put your business information on this site, you will be easily noticed by Google when users look for related terms. Fortunately, in a few minutes, you can do all the setting up procedures. Check these step-by-step guidelines and easily register your business on Google My Business.

While adding your information, be careful about including your vital contact information like: your business name, full address, phone number, website address, and …. if you have a brick-and-mortar location, don’t forget to update your listing whenever you move or change your location.

Warning: make sure to be consistent and precise.  If you forget consistency and insist on conflicting information, you may have Google’s penalty and that would damage your site SEO.

  • Local Citation (NAP)

NAP -stands for Name, Address, and Phone number- is another word used for local citation and it refers to references to your business site. These references come from review sites and also social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter. That’s why we formerly mentioned that consistency matters because it is important that when people search for your business-related products and services in any kind of platforms, they reach the same information as it is in your site.

To start creating citations, go with your locally business-related agencies and make an account there and make a listing there. Or you can join community hubs. Industry-specific sites are also highly recommended because more of your target audience can have access to you. For example, if you provide home improvement services, sign up your business on

  • Local Link Building

Backlinks are a determining factor in getting a high rank in SERP. They bring credibility and authority to your website which subsequently boosts your ranking. Adding your listing to directory websites is good but the problem is that these websites tend to give you Nofollow links. These kinds of links are not of any help to get a promotion for your website.

Instead, put all your effort to get Dofollow links. There are some ways to help you collect Dofollow links:

Create Informative Content

Put your customers’ will in priority and make sure that you answer all their probable questions. Make guides, create useful blog posts, and provide ebooks for them. If they find your content interesting and helpful, they will not hesitate to share it and give you a Dofollow link.

Local Events

Think about the upcoming local events. Make a list of events that your business can host and share that list on your social media channels to spread that news.

  • Be Responsive To Online Reviews

Never and never and never neglect your customers. Especially now that you run an online business, your customers might face several questions and ask them from you in the reviews. If you are responsive and reply them as soon as possible, that would be a positive score for your site. It also brings a reputation for you when you respond to both positive and negative comments they leave.

Another way to add authority to your website is to ask your customers write their experience and testimonials on your site.

  • Localize Landing Pages

Some businesses serve their services in larger geographic regions and they must have some specific pages dedicated to just one area. For example, if you locate in Sydney and you also serve your services in Canberra, Brisbane, and Wollongong, you would better create localized pages for each city and provide their contact information for each.

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