Seasonal Building Maintenance Tips For New Business Owners

Seasonal Building Maintenance Tips For New Business Owners

You already know that starting a business requires you to wear many trade hats, and one of the most important hats is that of building or office maintenance. Keeping up with maintenance can be work, especially if you let something that just doesn't look or sound right go too far. Neglect leads to expensive repairs or replacement needs, and that leads to a decrease in business. Don't let the maintenance problems get out of hand. Use these tips for every season to guide you in performing needed maintenance tasks.

Things To Consider

Although following these tips is a good start, keep in mind that every location has different climatic conditions, so the weather could affect your list and require you to do a few additional tasks.

Spring Maintenance

During the spring, it is important to check the HVAC ducts for dust and dirt. Take some time to clean the ducts out and change the air filter. Service the AC units by calling in a professional to do a bi-yearly inspection and maintenance call.

In addition to maintaining your HVAC system, be sure to clean up the exterior landscape, trim the trees, establish a good plant watering schedule, and pressure wash the siding and windows. Maintaining the outside area of your business will help you make a great first impression.

Summer Maintenance

In the summer, you also need to perform some basic maintenance tasks. These tasks are pretty straightforward and shouldn't take you more than a couple of hours to complete.

Clean the debris leftover from spring on the roof and gutters. Performing a quick inspection to look for possible damage will help prevent damages from becoming more severe over time.

Check the trash and recycling area to make sure it is in good condition. Keeping trash cans clean and sealed can help minimize the chances of pests gathering around your business.

Open and close windows to make sure they are in good condition and that there are no air leaks, as this can significantly raise your energy bill.

Finally, inspect the asphalt on the parking lot. Parking lots can sustain a lot of damage if they are exposed to moisture for too long. Repaint striping and signs and check to make sure the asphalt remains in good condition.

Fall Maintenance Tasks

During the fall season, you will need to spend some extra time cleaning any leaves that begin to pile up. Clean outside areas and rake leave as often as you feel is necessary. The number of trees in your area can help you determine how often you should be raking.

Once the weather starts to get cold, make sure to winterize exterior pipes and faucets so that they do not freeze when temperatures are low. Take this opportunity to inspect the plumbing for leaks or other problems.

Winter Maintenance Tasks

While winter can vary depending on where you live, it is important to prepare your business for, especially low temperatures. Whether your area experiences snowstorms or not, winter can significantly affect your business.

Prepare the exterior lawn and plants for winter by utilizing special fertilizers made for winter. Protect sensitive plants with coverings so that they can survive until spring.

After a storm, inspect your roofing for ice buildup. If at any of your seasonal inspections you see anything like roof damage, you can call in a roofing expert, or you might want to try a quick fix instead. You can use something like roof spray to protect small areas where you think there might be a slight leak. This will keep the roof protected until you can call in an expert to change a few of the shingles. Consider looking for a roofing service such as Everest Systems to help you determine exactly what kind of work your roofing needs to handle harsh weather conditions.

Indoor Maintenance

While there is no particular season to check for indoor problems, you want to check your smoke alarms twice a year and make sure the batteries are fresh. Another good idea is to inspect electrical outlets to ensure there are no outer wires or anything else that could cause a fire. While you are at it, you might want to check the light bulbs and replace any that do not function well.

Checking your roof, the gutters, and the AC system should be a frequent maintenance task you perform to keep the most expensive components of your business working well. These maintenance tasks don't take very long but can go a long way towards saving you money on costly repairs.

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