How To Create Instagram Clone Like Photos App Through Digital Marketing Platform

Instagram Clone

With the advent of smartphones, photography has become more of a necessity than a luxury. People now needn’t look for any occasion to get their pictures clicked. Photography has become an integral part of modern society. With everyone owning a smartphone, it became a trend to click pictures and post them on social media platforms. The trend saw a rise with the launch of Instagram. Since its launch in 2010, Instagram is gaining prominence with its unique features. Currently, Instagram is an indisputable picture-sharing platform with millions of active users across the world. Nearly 80 million pictures are shared by Instagram users daily on the platform. The platform is currently an effective marketing tool for many businesses since its acquisition by Facebook in 2012.

Due to the higher engagement rate on Instagram, many businesses are strategizing their campaigns for the platform. Instagram is widely used as an eCommerce store or content business platform. The success and popularity of Instagram are encouraging entrepreneurs to create an app like Instagram. With the increasing demand for social media platforms, there is still space in the market for new photo-sharing apps.

How To Develop An App Like Instagram?

If you want to develop an app like Instagram, you need to focus on offering features for your users to keep them engaged. With many photo-sharing apps in the market, you need to offer diverse features and the best user interface to make it to the top. You can generate good revenue from your app by making it friendly for the business accounts. You can monetize on the rise in digital marketing. Here’s a list of things that you need to be familiar with while developing the best Instagram clone app.

Know Your Market

Before proceeding with building an app like Instagram, you need to know about the market, features, and functionalities offered by your competitors, and the demands of the audience. It is advisable to use your competitors' apps to understand the features offered by them. If you like any features offered by your competitors, try to incorporate them in your app along with your unique ideas. You need to offer something unique to stand out from the crowd. This doesn’t mean you should compromise the needs of your users. Do proper research to understand your target audience and build an app around their needs. Dig deep into the market to get hold of failed experiments.

Define Your Objectives

During its launch in 2010, Instagram started off as a photo-sharing app. Soon, the app progressed into an eCommerce portal with many influencers promoting different brands. The first question you need to answer before starting with building the app is the reason why you are building it.

Focus On The Features

The success of an app mostly depends on the features it offers. What differs a successful app from a normal one is the features it offers. Interactive and user-friendly features are necessary for high customer engagement. Here are some essential features that you need to focus on while developing an app like Instagram.

●         Easy login- The login screen is the first thing that appears to the audience when they enter your app. People don’t prefer to spend much time filling in details about them while signing up for an app. So, you need to keep the signup process simple and hassle-free for the users. Users should be able to log in to the app by filling in their mail-id or contact number. Don’t aim for extracting all their information in one go. This will discourage the users from signing in to your app. Instead, try getting information from them gradually as they use the app.

●         Notifications- Push notifications are the best way to keep users engaged with the app. Social media platforms are regarded as entertainment apps. So, to make the user come back to your app frequently and ensure that they spend a good time on your application, you need to add the feature of push notifications. People never want to miss any updates, especially those of their friends. So, you can notify them whenever a person whom they are following posts something on the app.

●         Stories-  Lately, stories have become an appealing way to generate user-related content. The feature of stories is one of the reasons behind the success of Instagram. Not every picture a user clicks is postable. Stories feature allows them to edit it with cool gifs, stickers, and filters. Stories last for only 24 hrs and have a better reach compared to posts. It is these stories' features that keep the app interactive and engaging for the users. This feature has come as a boon for businesses as they can now integrate swipe to purchase options for their story and drive more sales. Stories feature creates FOMO for users and makes them react soon to avail the offer. Most platforms set 24hrs as the default time for stories. However, you can provide an option for your users to decide the display duration.

●         Search- The search option helps users discover the account, place, celebrities, or people. The search option makes it easier for the users to find the right person they are looking for. During your app development, search options should be given top priority. You can make use of the search results to provide personalized information for your users.

●         Direct Message- To connect with other users of the app, they should be able to communicate with them. Make messaging more exciting for your users by providing options of gifs, audio, video, stickers, etc. Think out of the box and come up with unique ideas that can be incorporated into messaging options. Let your users decide on the theme, template, and design of the chat. Notify the users every time they receive a message.

●         Photo Editing- What is a photo-sharing platform without photo editing features. Offer your users diverse features to edit their pictures. Instagram is popular for its filters. Try to add more filters in your app along with options to resize, add text, add gifs and stickers, masks, etc for the pictures. Make sure to update the filters and masks regularly.

●         Location Tracking- People love to post pictures of their travels. They want their followers to know where they have traveled. So, GPS technology helps users to track and post their location along with their pictures. This even helps in providing the personalized feed.

There are various options to develop your app if you can’t do it on your own. You can always hire a developer or invest in a clone script.

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