A Complete Guide to All the Student Kitchen Essentials That You Need

Student Kitchen Essentials

Going off to university can give rise to many firsts in a student's life. Students are faced with many new responsibilities in their attempt at independent living. Handling the kitchen is one such responsibility students will have to take up during their time away at uni. Since this is probably your first time living alone, you must be prepared for it. A fully functional kitchen comprises many things, which you will have to collect. It may seem like a task since you’re new at it, but you’ll figure things out on your own once you move out.

Moving into a new property requires you to come with all the essentials you need to live a comfortable life. When it comes to kitchen essentials, you cannot afford to miss out on anything. From utensils to cookware, appliances, and more, your kitchen essentials list can be a bit elaborate! Carrying your entire kitchen from home does not seem like a practical option, so renting student kitchen sets is a common practice amongst students. There are plenty of packages available, which you can choose as per your needs and requirements. However, the question of how to put together the perfect uni kitchen essentials kit remains.

Here’s What We Think Should Comprise of An Ideal Student Kitchen:

Kitchen Appliances: In the UK, many student halls, both private and university-owned provide the necessary appliances needed in a kitchen. These include a microwave, a kettle, and a toaster. However, if they don’t, you will have to make arrangements to rent from outside. In any case, it’s always a great idea to ask about your new accommodation beforehand.

Cooking Utensils: To cook in a kitchen, you will need cooking utensils to make life easier for you. Crockpots, a set of small and large pans, a saucepan, and a wok are what every basic kitchen needs. Having these will let you make everything from quick bites to elaborate meals in a jiffy.

Basic Utensils: These are utensils that you will be using every day. From serving items to kitchen gadgets, everything is included here. Plates, bowls, mixing bowls, mugs, cups, etc. are also included in this set. Small items like scissors, chopping boards, strainers, graters, bottle openers, and spatulas are also items that deserve a place in your kitchen. 

Cutlery: Basic cutlery like a bunch of spoons, forks, and knives are a necessity in every kitchen. Having a few extras is always a good idea and can be of help when you have friends over. We suggest you keep a count of all your cutlery, as they are infamous for disappearing into thin air!

Cleaning Essentials: A clean kitchen equals a healthy kitchen. A kitchen is bound to get dirty and requires regular cleaning, which in turn requires kitchen cleaning essentials. This is especially true if you use a communal kitchen where the kitchen is shared amongst many others. Having good cleaning supplies will also encourage you to maintain a clean kitchen and kitchen supplies. These include washcloths, surface cleaners, and sponges. Don’t forget to include bin bags to dispose of your waste.

Storage: Pretty often, you will end up making more food than you can eat at once. To avoid food wastage and to make things easier for you in the future, you must have a few storage containers in handy. Tupperware containers are ideal for storing and ensuring your food remains fresh for a longer period. You can even use aluminum foils or cling film for this purpose. 

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