5 Steps To Help You Hire The Best Excavator In Brisbane!

Best Excavator

Almost all construction projects of all sizes call for the use of an excavator either for demolition, digging our trenches, building foundations, and so on. 

Therefore, using an excavator and hiring one can do wonders for your project. But with the various options available today, you might be a little confused about where to start. For those with almost little to no experience, the task of finding excavator hire in Brisbane can seem very challenging. 

To simplify things on your end, we have taken the time to put together five simple steps you need to follow to find a high-quality excavator for your Jobsite. 

Step #1: Identify The Best Type Of Excavator For Your Brisbane-based Project

Just like every other construction machine, the excavator also comes in various shapes and sizes. You would be surprised to know that excavators range from 1.5T to 30T.

Therefore, the first step to finding the right type of excavator is to get a good understanding of the size and scope of your project. Once you know how much earth you’ll be moving, you can then decide how big of an excavator you need.

Based on the project, different size excavators work in different ways. For example, simple construction projects will only need 1.5T size excavators. However, complex and large-scale projects will call for 20T or 30T size excavators.

Before hiring an excavator in Brisbane, you’ll also want to scope out your project’s site access. Check for any trees, power lines, eaves, roofs, etc., that will impact an excavator’s access to your site. Your project’s site access may impact the type of excavator you hire, but if you have full access, you’re good to go.

Step #2: Assess How Long Will You Need The Excavator For

The next thing you need to assess is the total time you will be using the excavator for. The good news is earthmoving done with excavators can be completed quickly when compared to manual moving.

However, you will still need to figure out the average time to complete the job. If you are unsure of how to do this, don’t worry! Feel free to talk to the Brisbane excavator hire company, and they will give you an approximate timeline.

Step #3: Check If You Need Attachments For Your Project

Excavators, in general, are high-powered tools that have the force needed to take on even the most difficult tasks. However, by using attachments, you can improve the efficiency and performance of the excavator. Attachments like mud buckets, drum cutters, rippers, augers, sieves, etc., can make an excavator’s job much easier.

If your construction project calls for demolitions, sloping, ditching, backfilling, and leveling, you need to use an excavator bucket. This will help you plough through even the roughest grounds with ease.

However, if your tasks require more drilling, you might require rock drillers and so on. If you are unsure what kind of attachments you will need for your project, reach out to the excavator hire company, and they will suggest the right attachment for your project goals.

Step #4: Would You Require An Operator?

Excavators may seem simple to operate, but if it’s your first time (and you don’t have a license), it’s probably best to let a professional handle your job.

Hiring an expert to operate an excavator might require more money; however, your money will be well spent if this can help you get the job done smoothly and safely. So, don’t be hesitant to shell out a few extra bucks for an operator!

It may be tempting to run this massive machine on your own, but you are putting yourself and the other workers at risk by doing this if you’re not licensed or capable.

Step #5: Consult The Professionals

If you are new to construction and heavy equipment, the task of hiring an excavator might seem like a backbreaking task. In this case, it is always best advised to consult the experts in this industry. Therefore, it is best recommended to talk to them about the location of your construction project, the budget, attachments, and operators to get the best results for your project. 

Wrapping Up

Undoubtedly, using an excavator for your project can help you speed things up and finish even the most difficult tasks with ease. However, the actual job of hiring an excavator in Brisbane can be a little tricky if you’re new to the scene. 

To make things simple, we at iseekplant have created Australia’s largest construction hire marketplace to help you find excavator suppliers quickly and easily. You’ll be able to hire high-quality excavators, attachments, and operators near you who can complete your job on time and within budget. Give it a go by searching ‘excavator dry hire in Brisbane’ now.

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