5 Innovative Mobile App Ideas For Startups In 2022

Innovative Mobile App Ideas For Startups In 2022

More than approximately 130,000 new mobile apps are launched every month on Google Play Store. That’s a massive number, right? But why are only a few mobile apps succeeding? And why are other apps not crossing that mark? It is a common question among entrepreneurs who are looking to develop an app idea that can thrive in the coming years.

However, the success of a mobile application depends on how innovative your idea is, in short, what unique you’re offering from the rest. Customers need solutions; if your app successfully delivers them, then your app will be a huge success. For example, if Zomato offers food delivery services with discounts and offers, what extra will your app offer? What unique points come to your mind? Add that in your app.

Customers always look to those convenient apps that save their time, fulfill their demands and make their routine work easy. But, unfortunately, although these things might look quite simple, trust us when it comes to implementation in mobile apps, things got tough.

Talking about different platforms, Apple’s App Store has approximately 2.2 million apps. On the other hand, Google Play has nearly 2.8 million apps. For instance, the short video app TikTok was downloaded more than 850 million times in 2020. Many similar apps were launched, but they didn’t get the same success as Tik Tok.

We’ve brought you the list of the top 5 best mobile app ideas for 2022.

1. ECommerce Apps

Mobile eCommerce is undeniably one of the fastest-growing industries in the app market. The rise of mobile users and doorstep delivery has boosted the eCommerce market. As per a report in 2017, eCommerce sales were valued at $2.3 trillion, which is expected to reach $3.5 trillion this year (2021). After the pandemic, the market observed outstanding growth, and it will continue to grow because customers preferred doorstep delivery and got additional discounts on products. Why go out when we can get home? This thought boosts the eCommerce market.

You can opt for eCommerce mobile app development and seize a significant share from this growing market. Many eCommerce apps are already in the market, but you can compete with them by integrating some smart features. Currently, the e-commerce app doesn’t have AI features in its app. For example, you can develop an app where a customer can use technology and find their clothes size-- it has been observed that customers face difficulties when it comes to clothes size. So try to come up with solutions in your app.

AI also provides smart recommendations and allows them to try out things virtually before buying them. As a result, AI technology in eCommerce apps will become your success factor by bringing in more sales and revenue. Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, H&M, Myntra, and Walmart are the most popular eCommerce apps.

Do you know Snapdeal fails in India?

There was a time when Snapdeal was ahead of Flipkart, but due to lack of vision and ignoring customers demands. Slowly, things went wrong, and they started suffering loss, and the numbers of customers started declining. For instance, if a customer finds the same product cheaper on other platforms, why will they buy it at a higher price. This was just an example; there were many other factors.

2. Beauty Service App

No one wants to wait in a long queue for a haircut or any other beauty service, right? This discomfort and embracement give birth to a unique app idea of on-demand beauty services.

First, help and offer users to get rid of the long queue by booking their appointment with a hairdresser on demand. Then, highlight the services on the mobile app with charges. Urban Clap is exercising the services in India. As per a report, Urban Clap’s beauty and wellness sector contributed 55% of its revenue in 2019.

Make sure the app design is clean and easy to use; if customers find easy-to-use functions, they will only book an appointment. This will ensure an organized inflow of customers’ requests that will lead to an increase in their earnings. Finally, develop an on-demand beauty service app that acts as a platform for both users and beauticians/hairdressers.

3. Food Delivery App

When it comes to food delivery apps, you have to think a bit because the market is getting closer and closer each day, and every day there is a new entry of food delivery apps.

On the other hand, from the last five years, the online food industry has observed outstanding growth; as per the report by Statista, the global online food delivery services market is expected to grow from $117.07 billion in 2020 to $128.91 billion in 2021.

The online meal delivery sector syndicates various technical breakthroughs, businesses, and procedures that offer quick and easy food delivery at a minimum price. The rate at which demand for mobile application development for food delivery is increasing reflects the market’s massive potential.

In the food delivery sector, there is fierce competition. Users seek price, location delivery, and convenience; if you’re fulfilling these three points, chances, your app will be popular, and it will be under the list of the most downloaded apps.

First, determine the current need and provide the appropriate solution to the customers. It doesn’t matter how good your idea is until you implement it with the right technology; otherwise, it will fail.

Tip: You can add a small video of the restaurant's kitchen where users can see the hygienic kitchen and safety COVID-19 guidelines followed.

4. Workout Trainer: Home Fitness Coach App

People are extra conscious about their health and eating habits. Therefore this thought gave rise to the fitness app. Nothing can be better than having a personal trainer to guide your users to their fitness goals. But what if the users are short of cash? A workout trainer app can provide the solution to every fitness enthusiast. After a pandemic, it’s a need for everyone to have a fitness app to stay fit. Last year, Apple introduced a new fitness app called Apple Fitness+, where reputed fitness coaches will train you, and Apple earns a good income from this service.

5. Tracking Emotions With AI

Artificial Intelligence-based solutions can help track the emotions of the user during video recording. Emotions such as sadness, anger, happiness, nervousness, etc., can be easily detected based on the body language of the concerned person. Body language, voice tone, hand motions, and other gestures observed using an advanced app can support making better decisions.

It would be how you get to know or track the emotions of the person you’re watching. It is one of the latest ideas where you can encash your idea and become a market leader. If you’re good at tech and know AI, this app idea can also be a better choice in 2022.


There are few things you need to remember before developing an app (mentioned above). It doesn’t matter what category of app you choose. Your app should give an extra solid reason why it is better and superior to the other apps.

 Give new features, clean UI, and provide solutions to your customers. Now you’re ready to go.

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