5 Current Beauty Trends To Follow

5 Current Beauty Trends to Follow

Are you looking for the most recent beauty trends? The pandemic has played a major role in how we view makeup nowadays. After spending a considerable amount of time indoors a better part of last year and this year, people are more than ready to get out there and show the world their fierce side. A lot of beauty trends have since been invented, taking a toll in the beauty industry. From graphic eyeliner to micro-blading, below are current beauty trends that are worth knowing about.

1.     Microblading

Microblading is a way of mimicking the natural appearance of brows by using a small handled tool to implant pigment in the upper dermal layer of the skin in hair-like shapes.

Nanomachine strokes also go through the same process as micro-blading, but the beautician outlines your brows, numbs your brow area if any pain is felt, and the three-hour process begins. The hair stroke eyebrow game is top tier, and nothing feels secure than waking up in already-made brows. We all tolerate pain differently; therefore, some are okay with machine strokes while others stick to micro-blading. Nanomachine sounds like a good preference because it has less trauma to the skin, has a smoother healing process, and does not cut into the skin during application.

2.   Skinimalism

Skinimalism is essentially about loving your skin the way it is and letting it be your main focus instead of camouflaging it behind a lot of makeup. It requires one to invest in high-end beauty products with zero skin irritation ability. Most of the products used in skinimalism are often natural and homemade products and help cut back your skincare to what your skin needs. Skinimalism beauty trend is the latest buzz in the market and leaves you with a perfect natural glow. Skinimalism aims at helping one achieve the glow they deserve by investing less in the products, being affordable for all, and giving the skin a cruel-free routine.

3.    Biotech Beauty

The biotech term refers to lab-made ingredients that fuse natural ingredients with synthetic ones or use synthetic ingredients as an alternative to natural ingredients. With many counterfeit beauty products in the market, brands are now going the biotech way to produce safer beauty products for their customers. Thought to be potent and efficacious, biotech products enhance sustainability and have combated the scarcity of natural products globally. Biotech has influenced cosmetic products, with some of its ingredients being essential oils, oleoresins, and other plant products.

4.   Graphic Eyeliner

Colour is coming back into the beauty industry in a big way. Special makeup on the eyes makes them stand out, and graphic eyeliners are the best twist to go for. This type of makeup that involves creating shapes with liners on the eyelids takes your look to the next level. This beauty trend makes you play around with colors and shapes, leaving room for exaggeration and offering simplicity at the same time. It all depends on the makeup artist's imaginations and gives you the go-ahead to draw not just a normal winged shape on your eyelids.

5.    Liquid Lipstick

The global pandemic caused a big blow in the beauty industry. Not only did people cease wearing foundation, but lipstick products were also done away with because of the facemasks. An immediate solution had to be worn, and that is how liquid lipstick became popular. You can apply them and spend the whole day without having to think about reapplying again when wiped out. They are also perfect for creating crisp lines and giving your lips a well-defined shape but do not go well with dry lips. These beauty trends are smudge-proof and extremely long-lasting and are often waterproof too. They are a must-purchase.

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As much as the beauty industry thrives on newness, some beauty trends never get old-fashioned, and the more they stay in the industry, the more they are upgraded and attract an even bigger crowd. From being ethical to escapist, beauty patterns are a must-follow for anybody passionate about beauty products. They enhance beauty and make us look ageless, something many women have embraced in this new era. Other brands are also fighting to promote masculine beauty products and accelerate men’s grooming and hygiene.

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