Why Should You Prefer Using Pneumatic Conveying System?

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A technology that is utilized for transferring granules, powders, and other dry materials through the pipeline is a pneumatic conveying system. It is one of the best alternatives to mechanical conveyors. The system makes uses pressure and flow of the gas like nitrogen for moving the substances through the pipeline. These systems are segregated into two categories that are pressure conveying and vacuum conveying. Pressure conveyors are great for long-distance, and they can cover multiple destinations. On the other hand, vacuum conveyors are small.

How Does This System Work? 

There are different pneumatic conveying systems developed for different transportation needs. The energy needed to transfer the material through the system makes use of pressure and airflow. The airflow and pressure are generated through the air mover of the system. The air mover will determine whether to develop a vacuum or pressure for transferring the material. If the air mover of the system is placed at the start, the system will function under pressure for transferring the material. On the other hand, when the air mover is placed towards the end, the system will function through the vacuum for transferring the material.

Benefits of Pneumatic Conveying System:

There are numerous benefits of using these systems; here are a few of them noted down:


One of the best benefits of this system is that the system is completely safe to use. The system has an enclosed pipeline for transferring the materials, which makes the system a safe option. On top of that, the system comprises fewer moving parts, and it is less dangerous.

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Less Maintenance

You will be glad to know that the system involves less maintenance to keep it running smoothly. As mentioned earlier, the system has fewer moving parts, which means less wear and tear. Also, there will be fewer components to corrode and lubricate. As far as maintenance is concerned you just need to replace the filter if it gets dirty. Porous and bursting materials can flog the filters and cause congestion. So to maintain your conveyor, you just need to change the filters from time to time.

Simple Routing

It is possible to use the pneumatic conveying system vertically or horizontally. The system is also capable of covering long distances. So, you can use it to transfer your goods from one place to another.


Another benefit of this system is that it is highly durable. As the system has fewer parts to replace and maintain, the system tends to last long. So, you can save your overall cost by choosing this conveying machine.

Less Dust Leakage And Spillage And Good Sanitization

The system has an enclosed pipeline, which makes sure that there is less dust leakage and less spillage as compared to the mechanical conveying system. Due to the enclosed pipeline, the system ensures that the material remains sanitized and clean.

Flexible Option

Pneumatic conveying systems are highly flexible. It means that it can easily get adapted to the present equipment. The system also has numerous discharges and pick-up points. Also, the system does not take up a lot of floor space. These systems are light in weight, and it does not require much of structural support. In short, it can be said that the system occupies less space, requires less maintenance, and offers enhanced flexibility.

The above mentioned are some of the benefits as there are many more benefits of using a pneumatic conveying system when compared to the older technologies. After knowing these benefits, if you have decided to get this system, make sure you search for professional and reliable providers to install the same.

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