Leveraging Technology For Effective Marketing: Things You Can Do

Leveraging Technology For Effective Marketing

The world's in the mid of a rapid technological transformation. As a result, new software, devices, and mobile applications are constantly invading the market. However, it's not something to fear. Instead, it's something that you can leverage for growing your business. With the latest technology, you can instantly see your business grow over time with a plethora of benefits, increased sales, conversions, and so much more!

The new digital platforms and devices offer a vast opportunity for you to market your business. For example, a social media platform like Facebook alone has 1.47 billion active users each day, and there are many other platforms with massive usage. So imagine the outreach you can have through it. Plus, that's not all. Just have a look below at all the things you can do with technology to boost your sales.

1.     Business Website

The first step to printing your footsteps in digital marketing is to get your business website. Since more than 70% of people search online before purchasing, you can utilize a website to digitally display, market, and sell your products or services.

You can even make an e-commerce website to sell your products. This means you only have to sign up on a platform and display your products to the audience without investing in a website.  Also, designing your website with SEO is a great strategy to rank your site on the top of Google SERPs.

Therefore, owning a website regardless of its size is essential for your brand and its credibility in the market. Another great way is to form your small website and then form alliances with e-commerce stores to get your business running smoothly.  

2.    Social Media Marketing

By now, you already know how vast the social media outreach is. Everyone around the globe excessively uses Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and several other social media sites. Thus, if you use them for marketing your products, nothing can be better than that!

Even if you have a small business setup, you can beat your competitors by identifying the right target audience, especially when working with social media. For example, suppose you've just started a supplements business. In that case, you can post informative videos about their benefits for different age or gender groups. Such content would let you gain more audience, who would ultimately visit your website for purchase.

3.    Chatbots

Communicating with the site visitors is an essential aspect of increasing your online sales. If you do not respond to them spontaneously, they might lose interest in your service. However, recurrently answering the same questions can be hectic for anyone. Plus, if you hire people to provide a 24x7 service, it will increase your labor costs.

Nevertheless, chatbots are here to the rescue! These AI-based tools can effectively respond to your client's questions, and that too 24 hours a day. Moreover, they can also be used to help visitors find products they need or wish to have. They will personalize your users' experience by detecting their purchase history and previous interactions.

4.    Online Payment Options

Another aspect of effective marketing is to show your customers that you're upgraded with technology. For example, with apps like PayPal, online payment is the most preferred option for most people. Thus, if your website does not offer that, most people would turn their backs on your page.

Therefore, make sure to integrate an online payment feature into your website if you want more buyers for your business.

5.    Cellphone Marketing

Do you know how many people use mobile phones to access the internet?

Forbes tells us it's around 2 Billion! That means your mobile marketing plan needs to be strong because you'll get the most leads from mobile users. You can take good advantage of this by making your website mobile-friendly. You might not know, but Google has this secret of bringing your site up if it's optimized for a cell phone. Apart from getting this SEO benefit, there's more to it. 

Have you played a game on your phone and seen ads popping up in between? Well, that's an effective way to convey your message to your audience. You can even send promotional text messages with sale announcements or coupons.

6.    Voice Input

If your company isn't adapted to the new voice search technology, then buckle up! That's because 65% of 25 to 49-year-old adults have already started using the voice feature once a day. Plus, it's even expected that 50% of all the searches would be by voice input soon.

Thus, it's a chance for you to beat your competitors by integrating voice search into your website. If you do that, you'll make your way up before this becomes a standard norm.

It's also important to note that voice searches aren't like regular web searches. For example, where ten listings are shown on Google web search, voice searches only show three results. That means the competition is tough, and you need to hurry up for this adaptation. Moreover, this feature even has a role in website SEO. Thus, it would bring you up on Google so that you're more visible to your audience.

7.     Use Of AI

AI has made it easy for every business to do personalized marketing. It tracks and analyzes people's search behavior and purchases to see what would attract them. You might have wondered how social media sites start showing you ads of products that you just talked about with your friend or searched on Google a while ago. That's because AI knows you more than you think, and it shows you exactly what you desire.

Well, this can be utilized by your business to target an audience that's most likely to buy from you. It would save you the cost of marketing by directing your ads in the right direction. Also, it would increase your leads and sales.

8.   Marketing Analysis

If you implement marketing strategies but do not check whether they're actually working, then you might be shooting in the dark. Most successful companies consistently evaluate their marketing strategies. Google Analytics is one such software that helps businesses track their key performance indicators. You can even integrate cloud dashboards with your financial records to track your sales performance and analyze them with your marketing strategies. If you know where you lack, you can obviously improve your tactics.

The Takeaway

Modern technological devices, software, and platforms offer great opportunities for marketing your business. For example, you can easily boost up your leads by making a website that follows SEO strategies. Moreover, social media marketing, mobile marketing, voice search adaptation, and the use of chatbots, AI tools, and online payment options are some other must-to-do things to flourish your business. You can also analyze your marketing strategies to improve your strategies. Thus, leveraging technology is something you shouldn't miss at all.

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