How To Plan A Surprise B-Day Party For Your Special Guy

How to Plan a Surprise B-Day Party for Your Special Guy

Organizing a birthday party for your boyfriend or husband is never easy, especially if you want to keep it a surprise. However, since you probably know your special guy very well, your task might be a bit easier. And if you rely on these following tips, your surprise party will definitely be a huge success.

Take Care of His Present

Take Care of His Present

Firstly, if the party is not the present for his b-day, make sure to order the real one in advance. There’s nothing worse than saying “Your present is late” to someone you care about, especially in front of people. Find and order his present long before his birthday so you can dedicate the time to planning the party.

Set The Date

Set The Date

When it comes to a surprise party, it’s critical to set the right date. This is a hard task because you have to be sure that as many as his favorite people can show up. And it needs to be around his birthday. Also, you have to ensure that the birthday boy doesn’t have any plans and commitments on that day—he’s the main attraction and needs to be there. It’s best to choose a day you know you would have spent together anyways.

Pick a spot

Pick A Spot

The location of the party is also important. If you’re planning to invite more than a dozen people, hiring a local venue might be a good idea. Smaller parties under a dozen people can easily be organized in his favorite restaurant or at home. Inform all the guests about the location of the party and their meeting place. Ideally, you will find a place that’s easy to take your birthday boy without him being suspicious.

Employ Helpers

Employ Helpers

Organizing everything alone will be hard, especially if you want your guest of honor to be left in the dark, so asking for help is necessary. Your allies will help with decoration, catering and guest invitations while you go about your day when you’re with your special guy like nothing’s happening. These helpers should all be trustworthy people who are responsible and know how to keep a secret.

Come Up With a Theme And Vibe

Come Up With A Theme And Vibe

Creativity is the key element in every successful party. When it comes to the theme, you can go with anything, as long as you know your man loves that kind of thing. If he’s into sports, a party themed around his favorite team is a great idea, but if he’s more of a nerd, a costume party is a better choice. People who live in liberal countries like Australia might even decide on a more adult party theme. If you and your special guy are not in a relationship (and maybe even if you are), book Byron Bay strippers and have an exotic birthday party. This can be fun for everyone involved since you can easily arrange different performances with the ladies.

Don’t Forget The Dessert

Don’t Forget The Dessert

Every birthday party needs a dessert, surprise ones included. The cake is a classic choice beloved by everyone, but if you know your special man doesn’t like cake that much, surprise him with his favorite dessert. Your cake alternative can be anything from giant cheesecake, his fave pie, or even cookies decorated to fit the theme. And don’t forget to dress up his dessert with candles.

Make It a Surprise

Make It A Surprise

If all goes well, your special guy should be clueless about his party. When it’s time to get him to the scene of the party, use excuses and make sure that you think about everything. Also, make sure that all the guests are already arrived and know about where to park to remove suspicions and what to say when your man walks in.

If you follow these tips, your birthday boy will be completely clueless about his party until the last second. Make sure to hire someone to record his face when he sees what you have done in his honor—it’s usually a priceless memory!

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