Study in London- The Best Student City in The World!

Study in London- The Best Student City in The World!

London, the grand British capital hardly needs an introduction. It’s no news that London is a leading world city for international students. The city has more international students than any other in the world! But what makes it especially popular among students is its cosmopolitan community and diverse atmosphere. It’s a melting pot of traditions and cultures, with people hailing from different parts of the world living here. Moreover, the city is geared to handle student needs. London has been designed to make life easier for students, by providing ease of transport, free things to do and student discounts everywhere you go! There’s always so much happening in the Big Smoke, that it is easy to miss out on events. So, you must keep an eye out for all the fun things the city has to offer. Some of the most iconic landmarks in the world are situated in London. This is why tourists in large numbers come to visit London every year. Although, there will always be something that you will miss out on.

London is a city that has deep past connections with academia. It has long been the hub of education and learning, with people finding their way into the city even centuries back. Today, it offers hundreds of courses in varying fields, both new and old! Studying in an international city has its perks. You’re always going to be around bright minds from all over the world, so the learning never stops. There are also a ton of student hall London options you can choose from here when it comes to accommodation. Plus, being the capital city makes it well-connected, both domestic and internationally. Now you’ll have more reasons to plan getaways!

Here are some of the reasons why life in London as a student will be rewarding-

It Offers World-Class Education-

London is home to some of the best universities in the world! These universities offer a wide range of courses, more than 30,000, some of which may probably be unheard of to you. The best part about studying here is that it caters to everyone’s tastes. It understands the changing needs of students and provides accordingly. Degrees from London universities are recognized and appreciated throughout the world! This is partly because it is well understood that getting admitted to a London University doesn’t come easy. If you’ve managed to secure a spot, you may be amongst the best in your field! It’s also a book lover’s paradise, being home to some of the most magnificent and important libraries in the world! You’ll have a great time exploring these for academic purposes or entertainment!

Plenty of Chances To Network-

Nobody would appreciate the importance of making contacts more than students. Networking is a great way to further your career and pave the way for your future career prospects. Don’t be shy to attend events or parties, as they can be an excellent place to grow your network! London really offers the whole package, letting you enjoy world-class education and offering a smooth career path after. London is a city of opportunities. People travel far and wide to this great city in search of opportunities. It’s here that you will have access to tons of job opportunities, be it in art, science, or finance! Living here will also make you more proactive, pushing you out of your comfort zone to go after what you really want. If you’re someone who has been struggling to do that, it’ll be a great start for you!

It’s Home To Some of The Best Companies-

By Choosing To Study in London, You’ll Be Placing Yourself in The Centre of The World’s business and financial centers! Most of the Fortune 500 companies, which is almost 75%, have their headquarters in London! Leading firms in the financial, media, and technological fields have their home in London. Very few cities in the world can beat that. While all the other universities in different cities will hook you up with a job or placement, it is in London that you will get access to the opportunities that would probably not be available in another city. Be it a summer internship or a graduate job, you will have a broader range of opportunities compared to everyone else. Moreover, it is easier to go through the application process and following up if you live in the same city. Living locally will give you an idea of what life will be like in London once you start working. It’s a great city to live in if you want to climb up the career ladder faster, since you will be living, breathing, and walking amongst some of the best minds in the world. 

Study With People From All Over The World- 

London is truly an international city. Living in London is a dream for many. It offers an unmatchable lifestyle and atmosphere, where students can experience living with people hailing from different parts of the world. We’re talking about a mix of cultures, religions, ethnicities, traditions, language, and more. You’ll feel included everywhere you go! When it comes to food, London is a bottomless pit. Apart from traditional British cuisine that is available in plenty, you’ll also have access to global cuisines here. Craving butter chicken or Vietnamese coffee? Rest assured that every craving will be satisfied in London! The city also hosts a wide range of festivals throughout the year, celebrating the many cultures it houses! Accommodation forms a major part of the student experience. London student accommodation is a mix of many options like ensuites, apartments , and studio rooms. You can choose one that you’re most comfortable with.  You can also find great deals at Best Student Halls!

A Life Beyond Academics-

Although London is a pioneer in the education sector, it lets students enjoy the ‘student life’ they’re after. You’ll never be bored in London. It’s a city that offers everything from art galleries, to museums, to cinemas and libraries where students can have a good time. One of the best parts about living in London is that it offers plenty of things that you can do for free! Did you know that about 50% of the city is covered in green? That’s a pretty great number for such a large city! It is home to some of the best parks and green spaces in the world, giving you a chance to enjoy yourself amidst nature. Yes, you heard that right! This means that you do not have to burn a hole in your pocket just to have a good time here. There are many picnic spots here too, letting you explore a new one each time. Many of the art galleries and museums are free to visit, so you can make use of them. Commence your shopping sprees at the outdoor markets, which have a wonderful selection of items. The city has many antique markets that are waiting to be explored and will let you witness a range of cultures while fulfilling your shopping needs! A win-win for you! If you choose a student accommodation London that is close to your university, you can enjoy these perks as much as you like, guilt-free. Like student accommodation Leicester, you’ll find a wide mix of options available in London too!

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