How To Start Transport Business in India - Complete Guide

How to Start Transport Business in India - Complete Guide

There are many scopes in the transport business in India. Many types of import-export business can be done through the road here. But, if you want, you can also get a better profit with the help of this business yourself. Here the scope of unique trades related to the transport business is being described.

Transport Business Registration

Transport business is a business that needs to be registered to start legally. You need to get this registration done by the central government. Under this, you need to get a Shop act license, Udyog Aadhaar, and GST number.

Transport Business Start-Up Procedure

1. Partial Service: You can quickly start this business of transport within just Rs 10,000, the process of which is given below. is a local search engine. By calling here, people of the city often get information about various types of services, etc. You need to register your transport firm here. You can increase your business significantly by registering your firm at this place. Here you need Rs.4,000 for registration. You can get leads or information for doing business with Just

Transport Codes: You need to obtain transport codes from various logistics companies in your city. You also need the help of these logistics companies for the transport business.

Imagine that you got an order from Just Dial that you have to transport 100 kg of luggage. After this, you need to talk to other logistics companies. Then, knowing their price, you add your profit to it and tell the total cost directly to the customer. In this way, the gain between the customer and the logistics company is yours.

2. Full load transport: The business of total truck transport is also very profitable. Which is done with the trucks, and Tata Intra is perfect for this business. However, the Tata Intra V10 price is also very affordable. The process to start it is as follows.

  • There are transport towns in different cities. Establishing your business in this place requires continuous hard work for about 2 months. Here you need your visiting card. So you must have a visiting card.
  • From here you need to get a thick book related to transport, i.e. Transport Directory. The details of various transport companies are given in this book, with the help of which you can quickly establish a relationship with these companies.
  • After this, wherever you pick up the goods, the details of the transport companies of that place can be known from this book to carry out your business.
  • For booking, you need to talk to the commission agent. Therefore, it is necessary to talk to the commission agent of any transport company you want to set up.
  • You also need to know things related to the loading and unloading of goods from your customer. If the customer gives you the task of loading-unloading, you can also get a chance to earn money.

Other Important Industries of Transport

Application Based Taxi Service: This business is going on a lot these days. The dominance of application-based taxi services in transport has become quite established. People book Ola or Uber taxis from their smartphones before going anywhere, which reaches them very quickly. After this, they earn money by giving trips to customers. You can also do business of transport by attaching your car to these companies. If you wish, you can also attach more than one car to these companies. You can also quickly get a loan to buy these cars.

Car Rental Business: The car rental business is very

booming in our country. People often make a better profit by renting a car and driving to a tourist destination or city. Loans can also be obtained for this business. If you want to drive someone's car on rent, you will find many such people who give their vehicle for driving people on a fixed rent every day. However, you must have a driving license and a certificate of citizenship of the country like voter ID, etc.

Cold Chain Service: You can also earn a lot of money through cool cargo or cold chain transport. In cold chain service, such goods are often transported, which are perishable due to temperature, as soon as possible. Although more capital is required in this business, the earning on it is also very high. The transport used in this trade has such a structure in which the temperature can be maintained.

Logistic Company: You can also do this business very well by setting up your own logistics company. Many logistics companies are operating in the country and making a very good profit. Although this business can be very big, you can also start it with the help of a car.

Luxury Bus Rental: India is a country where there is no shortage of places to visit. You can also expand your transport business in this direction. You can drive your bus to the important tourist places in the country. There is a lot of profit in this, but it requires more investment. You can set up a packaging tour for your business.

Packers and Movers: The business of packers and movers can also be established very quickly. At present, thousands of packers and movers work in different cities. Under this, you can start this business even with small capital in small towns. Under this, many professionals and servants take all their belongings from one place to another by taking the help of packers and movers at the time of their relocation.

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