Healthland EMR: Top 5 EHR Features

Healthland EMR: Top 5 EHR Features

Healthland EHR is a piece of software that enables and streamlines the management of a medical clinic while also maintaining patient data private. Healthland EMR is a web-based application that can also be implemented on-premise. The Healthland EMR has a lot of useful features, and it's a clever approach to incorporate technology into your organization.

This approach was designed exclusively for little clinics, especially those in rural areas that serve a smaller population. Healthland Centriq is a HIPAA-compliant EMR that is ONC-ATCB licensed. Email, online case submission, and a phone call are all options.
Along with covering Healthland EMR capabilities, we'll go into Healthland EMR reviews and Healthland EMR pricing in this article, so let's get started!

Healthland EMR: Top Features

1.      Improved Workplace Communication

It is critical to maintaining a healthy sense of interaction in the workplace. You can create the impression that the personnel are promptly gathered using Healthland EMR's features. Everyone, including workers, nurses, and doctors, is able to communicate securely and safely with one another. Any impending concerns can be quickly identified and resolved. 

The patient is also communicated with. Setting up effective contact with clients can truly attract them, therefore this is a big deal. Patients who are more active in their own healthcare are more likely to have greater results. To prevent any potential security breaches, it's also crucial to ensure that all conversations between employees and patients are encrypted.

2.      Excellent Documentation Capabilities

Documentation is a method of expression and you, as a doctor, need to be best at documenting. However, paperwork can be tough to come by at instances. It can take quite some time to complete, and you may have to work long hours after hours to finish it. In this instance, you could be looking for an EMR that can help complete your paperwork more quickly than ever before.
When you use Healthland EMR, you'll be able to complete your documentation quicker than ever before. Because the whole procedure is computerized, there's a lower likelihood you'll spend too much time on the paperwork. There won't be any stress about making mistakes in your medical records, and you'll have more time to devote to healthcare services.

3.      Billing and Insurance

Billing and processing insurance claims are crucial components of every practice, along with other factors. This is the type of stuff that may seriously damage a profession or may take it to the top. Simple mistakes are a common cause of incorrect billing, but with an EMR, you can reduce the risk of random mistakes while simultaneously enhancing the quality of your bills.

The billing features in Healthland EMR are great, and they keep a close eye on your business performance in terms of finances and ensure it's always rising. All of the critical tasks have been computerized. Insurance claims for medical practices are usually denied; however, if you use Healthland Centriq, you have a lower likelihood of that occurring.

4.      Lab Orders

With Healthland, you can now ensure that lab orders are sent out swiftly and correctly. To minimize time, the requests are delivered straight from the computer to the laboratory. The best aspect is that the outcomes are also recorded in your software, allowing you to keep track of everything. The results of the tests can subsequently be entered into your patient's electronic medical record.

5.      Customizable Dashboard

A dashboard is one of the most effective strategies to improve your practice productivity. This is because a dashboard is one of the most user-friendly aspects of a program. Anyone who isn't acquainted with the EMR will be able to quickly pick it up and use it. Dashboards can also be adjusted to present tasks based on their importance and necessity.

Healthland EMR Pricing and Reviews

In terms of Healthland EMR reviews, the system has gotten some bad press. According to the reviews, the pricing is quite ordinary. We recommend scheduling a Healthland EMR demo through Software Finder. When it comes to Healthland EMR cost, it is not available on the website but may be obtained by contacting the vendor.

Final Thoughts!

The demands of your healthcare practice will determine whether or not you should invest in Healthland EHR. We advise reading as many Healthland EHR reviews as possible to determine whether the system has any flaws that you should be aware of. Before investing in the system, we also suggest getting a Healthland EMR demo from the seller, as this will allow you to make a smarter final decision. Hopefully, whichever Healthland EHR option you select is the best option for you.

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