Common Outdoor Pests and How To Eradicate Them From Your Yard

Common Outdoor Pests and How to Eradicate Them From Your Yard

Spending time outside gives you the opportunity to soak up some sunshine and enjoy doing your favorite activities. While you should be able to enjoy a carefree day outdoors, there is always the possibility that an uninvited guest could ruin your day. Spiders, ants, and flying insects can quickly turn a fun day into a miserable one. Staying on top of outdoor pest control can help you make sure that you love every moment that you spend in your yard.

Sign Up For Regular Pest Control Services

The number one best thing that you can do to keep your property pest-free is to get signed up with a pest control company that will come out to your home every few months to spray both the inside and the outside areas. The outside perimeter is sprayed as a defense for pests crossing through your yard making their way toward the home. The inside is sprayed to take care of any pests already in your home, pests that are accidentally brought into your home, or any pests that somehow come in the home despite the exterior border.

Watch Out For Ants

It often seems as if ant problems spring up out of nowhere. If you find an ant bed or trail of ants leading their way across your patio, then you’ll want to address the problem right away. Ants can cause hundreds of painful bites at once, and this can be dangerous for young children. Use caution with spraying for ants since this can send them running to other parts of the yard. Instead, use bait-based treatments that don’t cause them to scatter.

Master Mosquito Control

Mosquito bites are itchy, and those buzzing bugs can spread nasty diseases to your family and friends. Mosquitoes reproduce in water, which means that cleaning up any unnecessary water sources can help to keep their populations down. You’ll also want to plan for regular spraying that occurs more than just once a season. Professionals like The Mosquito Masters recommend spraying every 21 days to eliminate the newly born insects. Relying on expert assistance can help ensure that any pests on your property are quickly taken care of. Most pest control professionals have access to quality equipment that maximizes efficiency.

Eliminate Bees and Wasps

These outdoor pests are yet another type that can cause harm to you and your loved ones. If you decide to spray a nest, then do so at night when they are more likely to be resting. Large beehives and extensive infestations may need a professional to treat. Many people prefer moving a beehive to a safer location to encourage the bees to continue to do their job pollinating plants.

Conquer Fleas and Ticks

Pet owners are at the highest risk for developing a flea or tick problem in their backyard. However, other animals also carry these pests, which means that no one is immune to developing this issue. Flea and tick treatments are helpful for getting rid of them in your yard. Once you get rid of them, give your pet a check every time you come back from an outdoor excursion to make sure that you don’t bring any ticks home.

Be Wary of Tall Grass

Some pests like to hide in tall grass and weeds. Ticks may even try to attach themselves to your legs when you happen to pass through the grass. Regularly trimming your yard will prevent insects from biting your skin. If you do not have enough time to cut your grass, be sure to wear pants that will keep your legs covered and protected.

Clear Clutter That Attracts Pests

Many pests tend to look for food and shelter in piles of trash. Torn-up paper can be used by a variety of insects and animals for nesting purposes. If you have any old newspapers or documents that you no longer need, consider throwing them out in order to avoid attracting any unwanted guests. In addition, be sure to clean up after hosting indoor and outdoor parties. Many insects will communicate with each other whenever they locate a source of food. Before you know it, pests will begin to gather around your kitchen, patio, or anywhere else they can find food scraps lying around.

Whether you’re tending to your garden or hosting a backyard barbecue, the last thing you need is to be battling bugs. Once you’ve set up an effective pest control plan, remember to keep it up. Regular yard inspections and treatments can help you stop insect populations from growing out of control.

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