6 Tips To Consider Before Purchasing An Electric Chain Hoist

6 Tips To Consider Before Purchasing An Electric Chain Hoist

Back in the day, it was difficult for the labors to lift heavy objects. It also increased the manpower requirement, thus increasing the total cost. With advancements in technology came a piece of equipment called the electric chain hoist which helps in lifting heavy materials, thus saving manpower, time and cost.

Electric chain hoist is now used in different industries. With such a tremendous demand, we now have a lot of companies manufacturing these. With a plethora of options available in the market, it becomes difficult to select the best quality chain hoist. Hence, we bring to you some of the factors we think that you should consider before you purchase an electric chain hoist.

Let’s find out the factors.

6 Tips To Consider Before Purchasing An Electric Chain Hoist

1. What Kind Of Material Needs To Be Lifted?

This is one of the most important factors that help you decide the size and power of the crane. The power of a crane tells us the amount of load it can bear. If you have very heavy materials, look for chain hoists that have high power capacity and if you have smaller materials with less weight, then you can opt for chain hoists of smaller size.

2. The Place Of Installation

The electric chain hoist needs to be installed on a strong holder that can bear both the load of the crane and the object that is to be lifted. This ensures that the electric chain hoist will be mounted securely and function smoothly without causing any disruption. You also need to ensure proper electric connections on the holders for the chain hoist.

3. Speed Of The Electric Chain Hoist

This speed at which the electric chain hoist will lift and lower the materials to the designated space. This needs to be considered because you do not want a too quick or too slow mechanism. Too quick may cause damage to the materials and the chances of the straps snapping are also high and with a slow mechanism, it will consume time. Look for speed control options available on the electric chain hoist and pick the one that you find relevant.

4. Lift Height

Depending on the height of the ceiling of your warehouse or industry, you need to consider the position of the hoist. There should be a considerable gap between the hoist and the ceiling, and the hoist should not obstruct the load to be lifted.

5. Insurance

Electric chain hoist should come with adequate safety features because it is electrical equipment and chances of short circuit or catching fire are also high. You need to get insurance for the chain hoist since the risks associated with its functioning are quite high and insurance will ensure that you don’t end up paying a huge sum in case of an accident. Also, if the hoist is insured, you will get a better resale value, in case you plan to sell it shortly.

6. Guarantee And Warranty

Along with insurance, guarantee, and warranty also plays an important role as these ensure that the electric chain hoist that you pick up is of the best quality. Also, if there is any damage to the hoist within the warranty period, you do not have to pay for it and it can be easily replaced or repaired by the manufacturer or the supplier.


Electric chain hoist can save a lot of time, effort, and money if you make the right purchase. It also depends on the type of materials you deal with. It’s also recommended that you first ask for a demo or trial of the crane that you intend to purchase. If everything seems fine and you believe this particular model will be a great addition to your industry, go ahead with the purchase.

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