4 Questions To Ask A Child Custody Lawyer Before Hiring Their Services

4 Questions To Ask A Child Custody Lawyer Before Hiring Their Services

Child custody is not an easy battle to fight, and that too alone. It becomes very stressful because you are already dealing with your divorce and estate division, and one small mistake can take away your chance of being with your child. Hence, it is of utmost importance to hire a child custody lawyer to help you through the process and get a judgment in your favor.

Finding the rightchild custody lawyer is not an easy task there are a lot of things to be considered because you do not want to waste time, money, and effort, and lose the custody of your child by hiring the wrong lawyer for the job. In this article, we have listed down some basic questions to ask the child custody lawyers that you may have shortlisted to find the right man for the job.

Question 1: Are You Registered With Any BAR Association?

The answer to this question will help you to know if the child custody lawyer is registered with the BAR association or not. This is important because BAR associations keep track of the lawyers and make sure that they work according to the law and are not into any malpractices. The association also offers services to people who cannot afford lawyers for legal issues and provides lawyers either at minimal charges or free of cost. Being a part of the BAR Association means the lawyer is more about helping people and not in it only for the money.


Question 2: What Is Your Way Of Working With Clients?

The answer to this question will help you understand if the child custody lawyer will guide you throughout your legal battle. You do not want a lawyer who leaves the decision to you without providing any guidance or helping you understand the repercussions of the decision you make. A child custody lawyer should be able to inform you of the right approach and things that will act in your favor.

Question 3: Will You Be My Lawyer Or Someone Else?

This question will be only necessary if you walk into a law firm to hire a child custody lawyer. In big law firms, there is a dedicated team of lawyers for every field. Hence, there is a high chance that you may discuss your case with one lawyer but you may find someone else taking up your case on the day of trial. It is better to establish this before you hire their services and request to meet with the lawyer who will be handling your case.

Question 4: What’s The Payment Structure And Plan?

The answer to this question will help you understand the basic fee structure and services that are included in the fees. You must also enquire whether the child custody lawyer collects payments weekly, monthly, per hearing, or at the end of the trial. Other questions you may ask include, how often they send the bills, if they have the option of taking fees in installments, what can be the total estimated fees for the case, would there be any other fees that you need to pay, etc. These questions will help you find out if the lawyer fits into the budget or if you need to find someone else.


These questions will help you get acquainted with the services, fee structure, working style, and other related aspects of the lawyer. Once satisfied with the answers to all these above questions, you can hire a child custody lawyer and be sure of the best efforts from their end.

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