Why Are Bumper Bars Important?

Why Are Bumper Bars Important

Bumpers have particular functions for our cars. Most people think that Bumper Bars are there to protect us from a possible accident or crash, and they are not installed to save the passengers. Instead, the primary purpose of having bumpers is to reduce physical damage to the people sitting on the front and rear of the vehicles. The bumpers are designed in such a way that they can protect the hood, trunk, grille, fuel, exhaust, and cooling system from any damages. Bumpers are a mixture of steel, rubber, or plastic. They act as a shield that protects us from collisions and accidents.

According to the safety laws, bumpers are to place at least 20 inches above the ground surface. The front and rear bumpers should produce an impact speed of at least 2.5 mph beyond the entire width and 1.5 mph over the corners. The manufacturer should keep these things in their mind. The manufacturer should also place the bumper guards and corner safeguards strategically. The Federal Regulations are applicable for Cars, SUVs, minivans, and pickup trucks. The law is not mandatory for any other vehicles. The standard bumper protection law discussed until now has not changed or updated since 1982, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tested their last run in 1987.

How Can I Check The Bumper Bars Standard Of My Vehicle?

The manufacturers of the Vehicle have self-certified products to meet the bumper standard of your Vehicle. At the time of selling, the manufacturers often put the bumper standard protection performance as window stickers.


Protects The Vehicle While Parking

Parking is easy when you park your Vehicle parallel to bump into a pole, fence, or against any other vehicle. But the problem is elsewhere. Most of the parking garages have a cramped condition and large cement pillars that makes parking significantly tricky. When hit, it can also cause damage to your Vehicle. As a preventive measure, opt for a plastic foam-filled guard. It will form a cushion and will protect your bumper from injuries.

Reduced Whiplash

If you install a rear bumper guard on your Vehicle, the chance of whiplash and any other injuries can be resisted. A rear bumper guard has the ability any impact shock during a fender bender. The vertical bars, on the other hand, can absorb shocks with limited impact speed. The idea of installing a rubber pad is not good as it cannot provide much protection to your Vehicle, So it is better to opt for a rear bumper guard or a vertical bar.

Protect Your Paint

The color of the bumper may get tarnished when you have an accident. So it is better to opt for rubber or foam-filled or vertical bar to protect the paint of your bumpers.

Federal Safety Standards Demands

Bumper Bars help you to meet the Federal Safety Regulations of the U.S. According to the regulation, the Vehicle's bumpers must be placed 16 to 20 inches above the road surface and should also be solid enough so that the bumper can resist the impact speeds across the width and the corners. The bumper must resist up to 2 mph speed across the width and up to 1 mph speed over the corners. Few vehicles can have hollow bumpers and may not meet the Federal Safety Measures. For that particular case, it is better to install special rear bumper guards to protect your Vehicle.

Bumper bars are available in various designs and patterns. They are more streamlined and sporty and come in plenty of attractive colors. They make the Vehicle even more visually appealing. Your Vehicle will look far better with bumper guards than without them.

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