What Fashion Colors to Pick in Summer 2021

What Fashion Colors to Pick in Summer 2021

Summers arrive full force with the scorching sun burning down our backs. What we desperately need is a swim in the ocean waters, some cool fresh colors to cut the summer heat or ice cream!

The last one is most certainly every ones’ favorite option without a doubt. Keeping that in mind, this year’s summer color scheme has incorporated all of our favorite colors that remind us of ice-creams and sorbets!! This just got so much better.


This summer has brought an amazingly beautiful palette of colors that will make you run for the stores at the first possible opportunity. Whether you’re a fashion freak, a nerd, or an ‘I don’t care type. You’re bound to fall for the colors this season.


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Not only does this season bring mellowed hues of feminine pink, gentle yellows, and ethereal blues, but also a few bold additions like bubblegum pink and a light yellow-green neon kind of tint, if I may say so. The highlight, however, of this season is Lilac and bubblegum pink!

Ice-cream and sorbet colors are trending too! They are sure to give your mood an instant lift. There are a lot of new colors that are all the rage this season. Regardless of how closely you follow fashion, the runways do have an impact on how you decide to fill your wardrobe each season.

Colors in Summer 2021

This summer, the Pantone Color Institute decided on coming up with a more relaxed color scheme that can work year-round. The aim is to look comfortable and modish at the same time.

A few colors that are trending this summer are:

  • Pink- From soft petal pink to bubble gum pink and then the bold raspberry, you can flavor this summer with both excitement and impudence.
  • Lilac- This color has been termed as the fashion color of the year and may very well also be a part of the Fall collection. If there’s one color you need to get this season, then you know which one it is!
  • White- As always, white never goes out of fashion. You can style it in a hundred different ways and always end up looking graceful and elegant. There is strange pureness to this color that does not let it get dull.
  • Grey- It has often been termed as a classic addition to the fall collection. However, this year it is part of the summer fashion palette and is already proving to be a good choice.
  • Cerulean blue- Another surprising addition is the cerulean blue, which has not been quite popular in quite a lot many years. It has made a strong comeback and is already garnering attention from fashion critiques.
  • A watery aqua color called beach glass is also trending this summer to help you beat the heat with its cooling hues.
  • Illuminating Yellow- Mellowed shades of yellow paired with grey are the perfect representation of a peaceful yet friendly demeanor.
  • Rust- Another extraordinary color that has caught our attention along with many others is rust! This too has often been associated with the fall season but is now making a strong place in this summer collection. Pair it up with dull shades of gold to give it that oomph factor.
  • Green- This color is becoming popular again. There are only a few shades of green on the summer palette this season. Willow, ash, and mint green are among the most popular shades this season.
  • Orange- This season will only be rocking two mellowed shades of orange with its warm pleasant tones. Marigold and orange ochre will be comforting us this summer with their gentleness and earthiness.

Although these colors have been said to be trending this season, you may wear any color that helps brighten your day and brings a smile to your face. These colors are only a guide to what is popular this summer for that diva, HoneyLove is the best choice, chic look that will have heads turning your way.

In all honesty, there are certainly some colors in this summer palette that double as mood boosters, such as the cerulean blue, illuminating yellow, Barbie pink, and lilac! This may just be my opinion but no matter what shade calls out to you, be sure to enjoy all colors!

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