What Are The Most Important Factors For Choosing The Best Air Conditioning System

What Are The Most Important Factors For Choosing The Best Air Conditioning System

Air conditioning systems are an essential part of every home or workplace. Choosing the perfect system for your home depends on your awareness of all factors related to AC. There are so many options available in the market for every type, size, capacity, and brand of the air conditioner. It becomes often challenging for homeowners to make the right choice.

You could do a lot of research going through various product brochures, ask around, but most of the time that confuses you a lot. You might want an air conditioning installation San Diego company that can offer you the best advice about choosing the right-fit model. But before you hire anyone, here is some food for thought.

Here is a short article that will help you understand the important factors for choosing the best system for your home.

1. Energy Efficiency

The EER is the energy efficiency ratio. It is the ratio of the cooling capacity, measured in British thermal units or BTU per hour compared to the power input, which is measured in watts.

Higher the EER rating, the more efficient the air conditioner will be. It is critical to look for the ENERGY STAR label. An ENERGY STAR certified room air conditioner uses 10% less energy. Also, on average, such air conditioning systems cost less than $75 per year to run, according to reports.

2. Eco-Friendly Options

If you are among those who have a high value for environment-friendly products, there are many air conditioning systems available that follow eco-friendly practices. These are the systems that come with energy-saving technologies. Such systems will increase your energy savings significantly.

3. Size

A proper assessment of the cooling area is necessary before you buy an air conditioner. The dimensions of your room, the general airflow inside the room, the level of heat and humidity to which it is generally exposed are some factors that decide the required cooling capacity and size.

Many people believe that a bigger room air conditioner will cool more effectively and offer additional comfort. But in fact, it is not so. An AC with a size and capacity too big for a room will perform less efficiently and less effectively than a right-sized unit. A proper-sized unit functions more efficiently than a large unit.

4. Air Quality

The air quality that the air conditioning system provides is very important to make a note of. Find out from the HVAC technician, and through the product specifications and reviews about the air quality factors associated with the unit.

5. Specifications

It is highly important to pay attention to the specification for the air conditioning system that you are planning to buy. The specifications are not limited to the features, size, and various technical aspects of the unit. It also includes the Dos and Don'ts, the precautions and warnings, the type of components, etc.

6. Durability

When you choose your air conditioning system, make sure to choose a durable one. Find out about the lifespan performance of the unit and its key components.

Many AC units have frequent issues because one or more components inside the unit are not of the best quality or standards. They have shorter average lifespans too and are prone to issues. Such AC units might cost less but the frequent issues will cut into your savings.

7. Cost of the System

When you are looking for air conditioning systems there is always a tendency to buy the one that is the most affordable. It is time to understand costs from another perspective other than the price of the model you are buying.

Find out about energy consumption; cheaper models usually start consuming more energy after a short period of use due to several performance issues.

If you check about the average good performance lifespan of the unit, you might find that many cheap models are the most prone to breakdowns, especially when their usage increases in the summer. So when you compare all the future repairs, energy consumption, and bills, you might have a second opinion about costs.

8. Maintenance

Some air conditioner units are low maintenance, for example, the ductless mini-split air conditioners, the solar air conditioning systems, etc. but these would cost you more. On the other hand, some conventional air conditioning units will require quarterly maintenance that costs you hundreds of dollars for each maintenance or tune-up. Missing the maintenance procedures would create performance issues.

9. To Go for a Hybrid or Not

A hybrid heating and cooling system has many benefits, principally, it's capacity to optimize comforts while minimizing utility costs.

These units with dual fuel systems might not however suit the convenience of all occupants in a house. If you would like to go for a hybrid system, choose one that is designed to suit the preferences of all occupants. Hybrid systems demand a lot in initial installation costs compared to other AC units, but they could result in more utility bill savings.

10. Ease in Installation

Find out also that the model you choose would demand how much changes in your home.

Would you need to extend gas lines or replace or repipe any? Would you need to upgrade the electrical capacity of the room or your entire house? How much work will go into creating the space for placement of the indoor and outdoor units? What will be the total installation costs? These are some of the questions to consider before choosing an AC unit.


Whether you are looking to buy a new air conditioning system for your new home or upgrade or replace the existing HVAC systems, when you want an air conditioning installation San Diego company to serve you, check their credentials first.

Hire the services of a licensed, certified, insured, and competent HVAC technician, as inexperienced hands could make mistakes that cost you a lot of money in repairs as years go by. If you want top air conditioning installation San Diego company services, consult with a quality installation service provider company that has a long and great track record in this field.

A reliable HVAC services company will offer you guarantee-backed solutions and help you choose the best-fit AC for your home.

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