Wedding Venue Ideas

Wedding Venue Ideas

Saying 'I do' to the partner of your dreams is a truly magical moment. But, to get there, there is a heck of a lot of planning to do first.

Everyone has an idea as to what their dream wedding would look like, though very few of us realize how much weddings cost until we start planning our own. Turns out a wedding in the South of Italy, with a flower wall, horse and carriage, and a five-tier cake costs quite a bit – who knew?

What makes it even worse is when you realize you and your partner had very different ideas as to how your wedding will look...

Within all the decisions you'll need to make as a couple when planning your wedding – from cake flavors to first dance music - one of the toughest parts are finding a venue and location that suits you both. Even if you can agree between you, most venues require a little compromise in terms of your other plans: Having a destination wedding means you'll likely need a smaller guest list and a bigger budget while planning your wedding nearer to home means you'll need to accept the roulette of weather that comes with it.

With that in mind, we're sharing this ultimate list of different wedding venue types to choose from, as well as some key factors to consider when making your choice.

How To Choose A Wedding Venue and Location

There are several factors to consider when choosing a venue. Below, we've gone into each to help you narrow down the options:


When we get engaged, the first few days are incredibly dreamy and exciting. And then the reality kicks in: "How are we ever going to afford a wedding?!"

Some people will have money to splurge out on the big day, while others will be saving for other things alongside it, like a house or kids, and finding the money for a big wedding can be incredibly tough. You might feel like you have to sacrifice something for your big day, but that shouldn't be the case. There will be something that is affordable, that you can turn into your perfect wedding.

Saving for the basics are hard enough, never mind when you throw an unexpectedly costly venue into the mix. However, depending on how much you are willing to pay for your wedding in total, you will quickly narrow down your venue choices.

You'll also need to factor in whether you'll be having two venues: one for the ceremony and another for the reception. Some venues like hotels, spas, or converted barns tend to offer full-day services for a package price – making budgeting a little easier. These bundles include everything from the ceremony, reception, food, and décor. However, even with these packages, the prices can become pretty steep if you're paying for a large wedding party.

Wedding Size

This brings us to the next factor to consider: Wedding size. If you're the traditional type, you'll likely need a venue that can accommodate just about everyone you've ever known. Meaning a small beach ceremony isn't going to cut it. A lot of people are now looking to downsize the guests to create a more intimate affair. Plus, the fewer people invited tends to mean you'll have more budget to spend on other things (hello, slightly too-pricy honeymoon).

Guaranteed, as soon as you announce you're engaged, you'll find just about everyone you know is pining for an invite. 'Have you had any thoughts about your wedding, then?' starts as a general interest question but soon turns sour if you mention numbers are limited. However, it's important to remember that it's your day, and just because someone else wants a reason to get all dressed up doesn't mean you should feel pressured into inviting anyone you don't want to.

Additional Accommodation or Travel

If you choose to have your wedding further afield, there may be some level of expectation that accommodation will be paid for, or at least subsidized, especially for main guests such as siblings and parents. When it comes to destination weddings, flights and hotels might need to be budgeted into your day to keep everyone happy. That said, a lot of people take a destination wedding as an opportunity to get away for a holiday – meaning they'll be more than happy to pay for separate accommodation for a week or so.

Couples wanting to escape to a further away venue – even in their own country or state – should bear in mind peak holiday seasons. If you're not paying for accommodation, it's worth getting your invites out with plenty of time so that guests can find affordable hotels near to the venue before they all book up.

Wedding Venue Ideas

So, with your guest list outlined, your budget planned, it's time to start the fun bit: actually, picking a venue. Most venue ideas will require scheduling a visit – so there are no unwanted surprises on the day.

We've gathered together a few venue ideas as food for thought. A quick Google search will undoubtedly find different venues in your area (or abroad) that fit into your plans.

Place of Worship

Places of worship are a traditional choice for a wedding. It's typically what we all see in films: A little white chapel in the sunshine. If you're religious, this will be an obvious go-to, and you'll likely use your family's place of worship for the ceremony – meaning the rest of this list could be an inspiration for the reception!

If you and your partner are from different faiths, or only one of you has a religious background, having a conversation about places of worship as a wedding venue will be an integral conversation. Non-religious people may take issue with getting married in a place of worship. Make sure to be open and honest with each other to help you find a compromise that works for both of you.

Rustic Barn

Barn conversions are a hugely popular wedding venue choice. Usually, with a picturesque, rural backdrop, barns have massive potential for creating the perfect venue with flowers, décor, and drapery.

Rustic barn weddings tend to have plenty of room for large wedding sizes, meaning you can invite the whole family. If you're looking for a barn venue in the countryside, make sure to find accommodation nearby for anyone that will need to stay.


Rustic barns and glamping can go hand in hand to create a beautiful, relaxed wedding setting that means the romantic occasion can last long into the night.

Glamping sites often offer teepees and pavilion tents so that you can create your own perfect wedding venue. Whether you want to go for a black-tie event or hope to create a relaxed feel for you and your guests, anything is possible with a blank canvas.


If you love the idea of getting married at sea, you could plan an elegant yacht wedding. Of course, this would be a little pricier than going to the local registry office, but it's your special day, and it should be exactly that.

With the sea breeze in your hair and a boat ride into the center of the ocean, it'll be just you, your love, and those you cherish most. If you live near the coast or have always dreamt of a destination wedding, this is certainly an option to choose if you can stretch your budget.


Those that want to feel the sea breeze without the travel sickness could opt for a wedding at the beach. Perfect for a laid-back event, plenty of businesses offer wedding planning services for those looking for beachy vibes.


Instagram is filled with woodland settings for weddings. Having the reception under the stars with fairy lights twinkling in the trees can create a hugely magical atmosphere for the evening. Tables can be decorated with natural décor to match the surroundings, while guests can enjoy fire pits or glamping pods to keep the celebrations going all night long.


Hotels and spas are a common choice for those wanting to stretch their budget as far as possible. The bride and bridesmaids can enjoy the spa facilities the day before, while the bride and groom can relax in the hot tub the day after their wedding. It also makes it much easier for the family to book somewhere to stay. However, spas often have a max number of guests, so make sure to do your research before committing to this venue.

So, there is a lot to consider when choosing a venue. While yachts and beaches will likely need to be incorporated into a destination wedding (unless you're okay with rain), woodland and barn conversions tend to be more adaptable for larger wedding parties.

Planners and venue organizers will more than likely be able to transform any location into your dream, no matter what you're thinking. With a little foliage and a few Pinterest mood boards, you'll be walking down the aisle in the most magical setting you could possibly dream of.

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