Ways You'll Need To Repair Your Home After A Moderate Earthquake

Repair Your Home

If you live in an area where earthquakes can happen now and then, you know all about the potential damage that can be done to your home, even if an earthquake is considered to be moderate. Unfortunately, should your home fall victim to an earthquake, you will need to make a variety of repairs. While some may be easy, others may be much more complex and cost thousands of dollars. If you are currently dealing with earthquake damage to your home or want to get a head start on knowing what repairs will need to be made after such an event, here are some common repairs you should do as quickly as possible.


Unless your home is relatively new, it is likely your foundation suffered damage following a moderate earthquake. Should you notice cracks on the outside walls or inside your basement, these need to be addressed immediately. Depending on the extent of the damage, where your home is located, and other factors, you could find your foundation in danger of collapsing.

Interior Walls

When an earthquake occurs, it can put tremendous stress on your home's walls. In many cases, even when the earthquake is moderate, walls will crack and sometimes even move out of their original position. When this happens, you will need experts skilled in wall repositioning to set things right once again. Depending on the damage that was done, it may be recommended that you remove a wall entirely from one location and have it positioned elsewhere in your home where it can be less load-bearing.

Gas and Utility Lines

In even a minor earthquake, having broken gas, water, and sewer lines is a common occurrence for many homeowners. When any of these problems take place, getting them repaired is of the utmost importance. Should gas lines break, this can lead to a dangerous gas buildup inside your home that could result in a fire or explosion. In addition, broken water or sewer lines could find your home getting flooded with water or even sewage.


Finally, take a close look at your home's chimney following a moderate earthquake. Since mortar often softens over time, your chimney may need repairs. Should you see visible cracks or notice your chimney now appears to be leaning to one side, don't take any chances. Instead, call in an experienced masonry crew to examine it and make whatever repairs may be needed. 

While your repair bill may add up after these repairs, having them done will make your home much safer and give you and your family peace of mind.

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