Should You Stay At Your School’s Sixth Form Or Find A New One?

School’s Sixth Form

If you are approaching the end of school and wondering whether you should stay on at your school’s sixth form or attend an entirely different one, this can be a difficult choice to make. For what is probably the first time in your educational career, the choice is completely down to you. This is often liberating, but it can also feel overwhelming!

So, how can you make this tricky decision? There are actually a few different aspects that you can consider to help you, which we will explore in this guide.

What Subjects Do You Want To Study?

Not every sixth form college offers the same exact choices of subjects to students. Most institutions will offer standard subjects such as English, Maths, and Science, yet some colleges also offer more specialist subjects such as Media Studies, Photography, or even Agricultural Studies. Deciding which subjects you want to study can help you to really narrow down the choices of sixth form colleges.

Once you have decided which subjects you want to study, you should consider which colleges offer the best courses. Just because a college offers the subject you want to study, this does not mean that it is necessarily the best college for you to attend. Each college may teach the subject differently, and the facilities, teachers, and equipment available can vary widely.

Do You Want To Stay With Your Friends?  

Subjects, qualifications, and career prospects are, of course, highly important, but the social aspect of sixth form is a significant aspect to consider for most people. Having close social connections at your current school is a reason that many people choose to stay at their own schools for sixth form. However, chances to make new friends at other colleges are likely to be plentiful, and chances to visit your old friends outside of college hours are likely to remain!

Where Can You Find A New Sixth Form?

If you are thinking of attending a new sixth form instead of staying at your current school, it is well worth looking at the different options. There are likely to be plenty of different options in your local area, a little further out, or even a sixth form abroad! Keep an open mind and don’t rule anything out—stepping outside of your comfort zone and going somewhere unfamiliar can be a highly rewarding and eye-opening experience.

Visiting An Open Day

If you are interested in a particular sixth form college, one of the best ways to make a decision on whether or not you want to enroll is to attend an open day. Most colleges offer open days where you can see the campus, explore the facilities, and speak to teachers and lecturers. You may find that visiting an open day helps you to rule out certain options or clarify that you are interested in attending them.

If you decide that you want to stay at your current school for the sixth form, that is a popular and rewarding option for many. Whatever you choose, you can always change your mind after a while if you want to!

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