Homeowners Should Avoid This 5 Major HVAC Duct Cleaning Hazards

Homeowners Should Avoid This 5 Major HVAC Duct Cleaning Hazards

The HVAC systems you have in your house need a lot of maintenance and proper management. Do you know the functions of the ducts that are used in HVAC systems? They help in circulating the air inside and outside the units or the machines. These ducts also help in supplying the ventilation as a part of the air that is supplied.

Have you ever thought about why these ducts need cleaning? Very small and tiny particles like the pollen, pet dander, and the dust and the dirt particles often enter the duct and the buildup could cause clogging of the ducts, affecting the airflow.

This is the reason why the ducts need to be cleaned regularly, otherwise, the contaminants will be getting stored inside the ducts along with the other airborne particles. Thus cleaning of the air ducts is necessary for the maintenance of a hygienic and dust-free environment.

You might have learned how to clean HVAC ducts through video tutorials or by reading DIY manuals. It is wiser to first check out all potential dangers and costly hazards associated with HVAC duct cleaning.

When the professionals offering HVAC ducting cleaning in San Diego work, they use the best HVAC practices. But if you are handling HVAC duct cleaning on your own, you should be aware of some potential hazards.

Here is a list of hazards that we should be aware of:

       Electrical hazards: When anybody is handling the HVAC, then that person has to deal with the electrical wiring. Before starting with the inspection, switch off the equipment and then continue with all the tests, repairs, and other servicing devices.

There are some safety tips that may help you to avoid the hazards:

-         Turn of the power that corresponds to the electrical circuit

-         Use proper tag procedures and lockouts so that no one can turn the circuit while you are working

-         Before working with the circuit, check the circuit with a meter to test whether it has degenerated

       Hazards caused by chemical exposure: You would be working with a variety of chemicals like the refrigerants, the cleaning liquids, the gases, and the solvents. Although some of the refrigerants are marked to be safe, they become dangerous when they are subjected to heat and become a cause of hazards to the person working with the equipment.

Proper HVAC safety training is very essential to work with such chemicals and one should always use a PPE kit, including safety glasses, the work gloves needed for HVAC, and protective footwear so as to ensure one's own protection.

       The cons of using a ladder: A lot of domestic accidents are sourced to people falling from ladders or injuries occurring due to the use of ladders. Here are a few steps to secure safety:

-         Always maintain the three points of contact. It should either be both hands with one foot or both feet with at least one hand on the ladder.

-      Place the base of the ladder safely at such a length that the safest angle is achieved for the work to be done.

-         The straight ladder should be at a point that is 3 feet above the  point of support.

-         Ensure that all the locks of the ladder are secured in a proper way

       Individual vulnerabilities: To avoid injuries to the eyes or the face, it is highly important to wear a tight-fitted mask and the right glasses for eye protection. Wear a PPE for protection against anything that could fall on you. Do not forget to immediately wash your hands when the job has been done.

People allergic to dust and dirt should be careful and wear the right masks that offer protection from allergens.

       Inadequate inventory equipment: The checking of the inventory equipment may not come to your mind at first but this always makes a huge difference. Check if you have all the necessary tools and materials before starting work and ensure the tools are in good working condition. For ensuring safety, a proper HVAC servicing procedure is needed

Contact a reliable professional offering HVAC duct cleaning in San Diego and get the benefits of preventive maintenance. Using the services of a Full-Time HVAC duct cleaning technician, you could enhance the longevity of your heating and cooling systems.

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