Football Uniforms: Ranking The Top 15 Vintage Jerseys in NFL History

Vintage Jerseys in NFL History

Look good, play well! Something Deion Luwynn Sanders, the great American defensive back, said became a psychological mantra in the sports realm. Time has proved that it is not just a cliché. The words hold fascinating merit. We can see a perfect combination of aesthetics and performance in NFL throwback uniforms. Many vintage uniforms have now become a part of history. Some of them still outfit the current youth teams. Some marked the history with their exuberant looks while some are known for their viciousness! This article lists down the best-looking NFL throwback uniforms in history. The listed uniforms show that uniforms in their unique colors and styles go hand in hand with the aura of football. They were just so great that even in modern times they are loved by fans, players, and pundits alike.

1. Los Angeles Chargers' Lucky Charm, The Powder Blues

Powder Blue was just the color for Los Angeles Charger. LaDainian Tomlinson, Los Angeles' star running back, took many opponents off guard with his cool looks in "powder blues." The Chargers made many changes in their uniforms from 1960, and then they made a mistake. They changed their uniform color to navy blue. The only championship the LA Chargers won was in 1963. It was when they were still playing in their powder blues. It might be a coincidence! But not according to Sanders' mantra.

2. New England Patriots With A Pat Patriot Mascot

Red, blue and white are the colors of the US flag. For that reason, many NFL teams tried to play around with these colors. However, no one came up with them so perfectly as the New England Patriots did. Red is one of the most popular colors in NFL throwback attires, but Pat Patriots paired it with white pants in a way that somehow came up as a great success. One blue stripe between two red ones on helmets and pants gives a powerful impact to the overall uniform. We don't know if Patriots could have created the same impact with colors swapped on the exterior and interior stripes.

3. Houston Oilers in Baby Blues

Talk about pretty in NFL, and your mind will go back to the giants of Houston Oilers in baby blue tops. The entire jersey gave a soft look with red outlined white numbers. The collar on the sleeves with two red lines around white and blue curls added subtle color to the soft look of the top. The powerful players with masses of muscles running around the field in baby blues were a sight to be seen. The uniform is third on the list, but we add them as the cutest in our list.

4. Denver Broncos on Fire

After the soft blues and patriotic red comes the fiery yellow on number 4 in the list. Imagine the Broncos charging the field like fireballs in bright yellow jerseys and brown pants. They have always remained as one in the top 5 NFL throwback uniforms due to their simplicity blended with fierceness. The brown helmet with a single peaceful white line and white numbers on the side subdued the fiery look. However, the dark brown numbers without an outline on jerseys again elevated the aggressive look of the attire. For an inversed look, the brown pants with yellow stripes came out as a clever approach. The yellow and brown striped socks, however, can be conveniently considered as an eyesore! But fortunately, we can ignore them in favor of the unique and smart combinations seen in the upper part of the uniform.

5. Miami Dolphins from Marino Era

The Miami Dolphin's throwback uniforms are catchy to be on the list of top ones. However, the big numbers on the jerseys could never do the job like Dan Marino. Neither Marino nor the uniform could help the team to achieve a championship. But let's concentrate on the looks of the uniform. It is beautifully crafted with teal numbers outlined by Miami's tertiary orange on a white background. Neat and cool can be the words to describe those jerseys. Though, the cool look is cleverly disrupted by the teal bottoms. The cute dolphins on the helmets complete the design with a flare.

Admiring throwback football uniforms, particularly the ones that are top on the list, are always fun. However, you can do more than just look. You can have one of the vintage jerseys for your next game. Buy your favorite ones from a good store and have them customized with your name. This is a great marketing idea too. Outfit your staff in custom vintage football uniforms and let them attend the next big game. The strategy will surely catch the eyes of live spectators and the TV audience that would be a massive promotion for your business.

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