Essential Repairs and Maintenance Your Business Location Needs Regularly

Essential Repairs and Maintenance Your Business Location Needs Regularly

No matter the type of business you are running, there are certain things that every commercial property is going to need regular repairs on. Taking care of these things does not only keep your company's image looking good, but it can also minimize the chances of accidents occurring. Fewer accidents, of course, mean less downtime from employees, less chance of lawsuits from customers, and overall reduced costs across the board. But exactly what areas should a business owner keep an eye on throughout the year? Read on to learn about some of the most important repairs and maintenance your business location needs taken care of regularly.

Parking Lot Area

The parking lot may not seem like an essential part of business, but its condition can drastically affect day-to-day business operations in a variety of ways. Let's begin with the safety aspect of a well-maintained parking lot. Because your employees and clients will be walking through this area daily, their safety must be taken into consideration. Cracked concrete and uneven surface can quickly lead to someone tripping and seriously hurting themselves. In terms of legality, parking lines and a clearly marked handicap area must be maintained. During the winter, you want to be taking care to remove snow as quickly as possible to prevent any car accidents or slips and falls from taking place on company property, as those accidents are something you can become liable for regardless of the weather. While it’s impossible to always have a snow-free workplace, you must get it done as soon as possible to show a history of reasonably swift action against accidents.

Preventive Maintenance Checkups on Machines

If your business utilizes machines to create a product or provide a service, preventive maintenance checkups are highly recommended. This is because a sudden malfunctioning machine can quickly bring all your productivity to a screeching halt, and thus no revenue is being created. Yes, it might be an extra expense to have a maintenance person come in every month, but that cost will be much less than having to replace or halt production. This will also help you maintain compliance and be one step ahead of any surprise inspections that could otherwise cause you costly downtime.

Business Sidewalks

One of the most common areas that tend to get neglected is the sidewalk in front of a business. This should not be confused with public sidewalks that city governments usually control. Rather, we are talking about the area right in front of your front door. Much like a parking lot, a neglected sidewalk/stairs can lead to people potentially injuring themselves. Therefore, it is highly recommended to contact concrete services to come in and take care of uneven surfaces. Uneven walkways are dangerous for those with mobility problems, such as wheelchairs, walkers, and even canes. If someone were to fall or be hurt because of an uneven walkway on your property, you could be looking at a lawsuit, especially if it is decided that your walkways were not disability-friendly.

HVAC System

Commercial properties often have their air conditioning or heater on throughout the day and even within the night. This can take a toll on an HVAC system, and thus regular repairs and maintenance should be scheduled throughout the year. However, because commercial HVAC systems are much more complex and expensive than residential homes, this is not something that you want to neglect for too long. This is especially important for the health of your employees. Excessive heat can make it impossible for employees to work and focus, even if they do show up for work that day. Instead of baking your talent, make sure that you have your HVAC system serviced for routine maintenance at least once a year to make sure you don’t have unexpected downtime during the hottest times of the year. The same thing goes for your heater in regards to the coldest times in the winter. Whether your employees do labor or typing, nobody wants to work while bundled up like a marshmallow.

Understandably, business owners have a lot of things to worry about. However, certain

things must always be prioritized, with essential repairs and maintenance being one of them. Building maintenance is important both for the health and safety of your customers as well as for your employees that work in your building every day. If you aren’t able to keep up maintenance and repairs there, you could be opening yourself up to costly lawsuits that would end up losing the company a lot more money than the building care ever could have. To reduce costs, see if you can create relationships with local contractors who can give you discounts for regular maintenance subscriptions.

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