7 Ways To Increase Google Ads CTR (Click Through Rate)

7 Ways To Increase Google Ads CTR (Click Through Rate)

Google ads are considered one of the best ways to get instant sales in a short time period. These days every brand or marketer is a keen fan of Google ads. Increasing Google Ads click-through rate is not that easy as it was in earlier times. You might think that by writing Google ads copies, stuffing some keywords, entering your budget is fair enough to get a boost of sales. But it's not that easy. With the increasing trend, you can hire a Digital Marketing Company In Delhi, India for handling your various Google Ads campaigns.

If you are not well aware of the power of Google Ads & want to increase your click-through rates just like a pro-Google ads advertiser. Here are different strategies you can follow to increase your business inquiries.

Ways To Improve Google Ads CTR (Click Through Rate)

Use Different Types Of Ads In Your Campaigns

Never stick to one ad type of ad campaign while creating your ad copies. Try different kinds of ads campaigns like search, display, responsive, video, app, or shopping campaigns. Choose according to your requirements for getting the best results. Split & test your ad copies to get an exact idea of what campaign works for you. Preview your ads along with finding their ad strength. You can also use the Google discovery feature recently launched by Google.

Compelling Google Ad Copies

Never make ads similar to your competitor otherwise your ad campaign will not provide you exact results. Mention your services along with the benefits your users or customers will receive while availing of your services. Use best-selling points, discounts, offers, or any features that make you the best in the market. Always think about why your customers need to click your ad & not your competitor.

Achieve High-Quality Score

Quality Score is the metric used by Google Ads to check the ad relevancy & quality in terms of keywords & ads. It is a measure that predicts how much it is obvious that the user is going to click your ad. The higher quality score provides you lots of benefits in your ads campaigns like low pay per click & high ad rankings. Improved quality scores increase the rate of your ad click.

Create relevant landing pages for your ad, including keywords in your headline, ad description, or page URL that can influence the quality score. Use Digital Marketing Company In Delhi, India services to achieve the relevant quality score in no time.

Different Call Extensions

Currently, Google ads offer you 10 types of ad extensions for your Google ad campaigns. But you can't use all of them. If you are not using them at all, then you might be missing out on some huge potential. There is a huge variety of ad extensions available in Google ads that you can use according to your ad target. Using descriptive ad copies with various extensions like site links, call out, price extensions make your ads more relevant or useful for your customers to click.

Relevant Keyword Groups

Google Ads provides you the feature that you can group your targeted keywords under one ad group. You can create more than 20,000 keyword ad groups used under different ads or campaigns. One ad group with more than 20 keywords can affect your ad relevancy or quality score. Create an ad group with fewer keywords that will target your ads containing those same keywords in the ad description more than once.

Effective Bidding Strategies

Google uses smart bidding techniques to give you more & more clicks in your set amount of budget. You can easily automate your ads to go live. They undergo the auction to give you an idea about the clicks you will receive on the ads. The more targeted auctions the more click you will get. You can also set your bid manually for each keyword but it will save you a lot of time when it comes to the automated bidding process.

Retargeting Your Existing Audience

Retargeting campaign means showing your ads to the people who are already familiar with your brand, product, or services. Yes, you can create such ads for your specific group of customers who were likely to buy something from you or visited your website to buy something but forgot to complete the purchase. This ad makes them remember about your services again. It will boost your sales because retargeting is done to influence your interested audience.


Google Ads is becoming a key marketing platform for every brand or service to get instant sales. Upgrade your Google ads campaign with a Digital Marketing Company In Delhi, India under optimal budgets. Learn more about different tactics about the constant updating or improvement in Google ads algorithm. Do let us know in the comment section which tactic or strategy you were unaware of till now.


How Do I Get My Ad To The Top of Google?

You have to set the right amount of bids for the keywords or query while making your ads. If your estimated bid matches your CPC (cost per click) bid then there are chances that your ad can be shown at the top of the search results when the search query matches the keywords you choose to target for the ad.

Do Google Ads Really Mean Immediate Traffic?

No, Google ads do not mean immediate traffic. It is relevant targeted traffic that depends on various factors. It can boost your sales or services immediately if used properly. The factors you have to keep in mind are optimized ads, location-based keywords, right location, or appropriate ad extensions.

How Long Do Google Ads Take To Approve?

Google ads do not take long to long to approve if you have followed all the guidelines or have a well-registered business. The ads get reviewed under 1 business day but if your ads involve complex reviews it can take approval time of two days.  If the ad review is still in a pending situation contact Google ads support.

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